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Colorful Estes Park, Colorado Wedding
by Christina Child


When I attended this colorful Estes Park, Colorado wedding last summer I knew it was destined to be featured on the WedPics blog.  Kellie and Rob are *personal friends who live in Vail with their two adorable dogs.  I can say, without a doubt, that this is one of the most beautiful, expertly curated weddings I've ever had the privilege to attend.

Kellie and Rob were roommates in Vail before quickly realizing they were falling for each other.  Four years later they tied the knot in a July ceremony at Della Terra Mountain Chateau in Estes Park, which boasts stunning mountains views and a spectacular outdoor & reception space.  Every detail of this this gorgeous wedding was brought together with impeccable style, from the custom watercolor invitation suite, eclectic furniture, table settings, and AMAZING floral arrangements that hung from the reception hall ceiling in hand-crafted macrame hangers.  These two surprised guests with late night Blizzards from Dairy Queen, and closed the night with a hot tub party.

On the wedding day Rob gave the maid of honor a handful of Alex & Ani bracelets to surprise Kellie with throughout the getting ready and first look phase of the day.  She says she wears one or two every day as a fun reminder of the best day ever :)

Kellie's bridal advice is to have fun planning the wedding and not take it for granted because you only get to do it once! "It will turn out magically no matter what because you're standing next to your best friend in marriage."

The wedding was photographed by Laura Murray Photography and wedding planning/design was provided by Milk Glass Productions.


*Fun fact: One of the dresses that was pulled for me during a recent dress consultation was Kellie's exact reception dress :)  Thank you Kellie for allowing me to feature your wedding - you are a beautiful soul, both inside and out (and I can't wait to see you at my wedding in October!).

Vendors | Band - Dead Winter Carpenters | Wedding Planning & Design - Milk Glass Productions | Photography - Laura Murray Photography | Flowers: Fiori Flowers | Guest book - Velvet Raptor  | Ring boxes - Britt Felton | Photo booth - Shutterbus | Rentals - Eclectic Hive Yonder - Floral and Decor House | Linens - La Tavola Linen | Invite, Programs, Welcome bags, Signage - Lana's Shop | Hair and Make up - Janie Rocek | Cake Intricate Icings | Bridesmaid Dresses - Haley Paige | Wedding Gown -Robert Bullock | Reception Dress - Lian Carlo

8 Fun RSVP Card Questions
by Christina Child


We've all seen the boring RSVP card that everyone expects... chicken or fish, attending or not-attending.  Since you're already paying for the return postage, why not use your RSVP cards as an opportunity to ask your guests questions that they'll enjoy answering, and you'll love reading.  Here are 8 fun RSVP card questions!

1. Song Request - allow your guest to request their favorite wedding song and add it to your playlist.  Guests will be more excited to hit the dance floor when they feel personally tied to the music.  Plus you may get some great song ideas that you hadn't thought of!

2. Marriage Advice - allow a couple of extra lines for guests to share their best piece of marriage or relationship advice.  You can even compile the advice and use as a display at your wedding!

3. Favorite Date Night - Guests will have fun getting creative with their favorite date ideas.  Plus, when you get stuck in a date night rut you can always refer back to your RSVP cards for easy ideas.

4. Favorite Family Recipe - All of your invited guests will have their own special family recipe.  Collect one from each and create a wedding guest recipe book.  Added bonus if you print copies of it as favors at your wedding!

5. Honeymoon Recommendations - If you haven't chosen your honeymoon destination, asking your guests for their favorite vacation spot might provide you with some surprising inspiration.  Be sure to ask for the place, and their favorite things to do there.

6. Future Kid's Names - You'll get a mix of serious and silly responses with this question.  But hey, you might actually fall in love with one of the suggestions...

7. A Fortune Teller Foresees that My Fiance and I Will... - This open ended question could result in all kinds of wacky responses.  All the more fun to read through as they are mailed back in.

8. First Anniversary Ideas - Have guests fill in suggestions for your first anniversary.  Save all of the cards and enjoy looking back at them together closer to the one year mark!

Top image via Etsy

A romantic waterfront wedding by Taryn Baxter Photography
by Stephanie

There's nothing more idyllic than a beautiful, sunlit evening on a waterfront in the summer months — except, of course, if you're celebrating a stunning wedding at the same time! Jennifer and Micheal took advantage of the gorgeous summer months in British Columbia to celebrate their wedding day, which was complete perfection from start to finish. Taking place at the Poet's Cove Resort on Pender Island, this romantic waterfront wedding was filled with touches of emerald, a glamorous bride and lots of love and happiness between the couple and their guests!

Jennifer, a graphic designer, even created their invitations and programs — which I have to say is some of the prettiest and most unique wedding paper goods I've seen in a while! Read on to see more of the bride's beautiful wedding day style, their memorable waterfront wedding and stunning photos by Taryn Baxter!


How fun does their wedding reception look? Jennifer and Michael definitely had a wedding day celebration for the books. Congrats to the happy couple, and thanks to Taryn Baxter for sharing!


Photography: Taryn Baxter | Venue: Poet’s Cove, Pender Island | Hair + Makeup: Ma-Luxe | Videography: Cassie O’Neil CinematographyBride’s Dress: The White Peony | Invitations + Graphic Design: Jennifer Pesant (the Bride!) | Florals: Rook + Rose | Bride’s Earings: Stella + DotBridesmaids Dresses: J. Crew

Unique ideas for Save the Dates Your Guests Will Love
by Nahva Tecklu

Photo by  Petite Alma

Photo by Petite Alma

Incomparable Save the Date Ideas to Amaze Your Guests

Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples! For many of you here begins the long - very long - journey of wedding planning. It's important to send save the dates at least six months in advance, so once you've locked down a venue, it's time to think about yours. While the function of a save the date cards used to be entirely logistical - and you should definitely include some logistical info, the date, venue , and who's invited - they've become so much more. Your save the date is the first official preview of your wedding, and for some, you and your fiancé as a couple. You already know your wedding will be amazing, so why not take the opportunity to wow your guests? These ideas for save the date will not only have your guests saving the date, they'll be counting down the days until they can watch you say, "I do".

Try a Modern Letterpress Design

Photo by  Papellerie

Photo by Papellerie

Letterpress printing will give you a classically beautiful finish, but there's no need to keep it classic. There are so many modern edges you can add. Whether you decide to letterpress a modern print or graphic, or mix in some digital printing, your guests will love the classic look with a modern twist.

Photo by  Dauphine Press

Use Paper Cutting

Photo by  Minted

Photo by Minted

If you're looking for a way to incorporate designs and texture paper cut, save the dates are perfect for you. With the laser cutting technology available, the possibilities are endless. Find, or work with a designer to create a design that gives subtle hints about your theme. For an airy, delicate feel, leave the cutout as is, or try layering it to create a multidimensional look.

Photo by  Studio Seed

Photo by Studio Seed

Photo by  Love Carli

Photo by Love Carli

Play Around With Texture

Photo by  Czar Press

Photo by Czar Press

Your guests will likely be expecting a paper save the date in the mail, so why not take the opportunity to surprise them with something more interesting? Incorporating different textures will add depth and dimension, and with so many materials to choose from, there are options for every budget. Whether you choose to accent paper with foil or lace, or print on cloth or wood altogether, your guests will be wowed.

Photo by  Elli

Photo by Elli

... or the shape and layout

Photo by  Studio on Fire

An easy way to make your save the dates more interesting is to play with the layout or shape of the card. It can be as simple as choosing a vertical design instead of the classic horizontal, or as elaborate as incorporating origami, or using a symbol of your wedding as the shape of the card itself. Just be aware that opting out of a standard size or shape can raise the associated shipping costs. So if you're working on a tight budget, consider a design that cuts the dimensions of the card down symmetrically as opposed to one that leaves portions of the card needing a larger, more expensive, envelope.

Photo by  Martha Stewart
Photo by  Shauna

Photo by Shauna

Use Bold Prints

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

Whether it's due to familial pressure to be traditional, or looking at one too many 80's weddings, a lot of couples are fearful of committing to bold prints. With save the dates, at least, they shouldn't be. Save the dates often follow the theme of the wedding to follow, but they don't have to. So, if you want to experiment with something bolder, do it! 

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

Photo by  Magnet Street

Photo by Magnet Street

Go Green

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

For the eco friendly bride and groom, I love the idea of printing on plantable paper. If you're unfamiliar with plantable paper heres the lowdown. Biodegradable paper is made from post consumer materials - that means no trees harmed - and then embedded with seeds of flowers, herbs, or vegetables. So once their calendars are marked, guests can plant the paper in soil and voila, it grows! If you're really good at planning - and your guests have green thumbs - perhaps it'll bloom by your wedding day. You can even take it a step further by playing on the notion of "planting roots" and "growing strong" together by sending guests decorative ceramic planters with the invites. Either way giving back to both your guests and the environment has to feel good.

Photo by  Belle + Union

Photo by Belle + Union

Create A Pop Up

Two words perfectly describe pop up save the dates - cute and quirky. If you and your groom are looking to showcase your personalities, this could be a great way to reinvent the picture save the date trend. Alternatively, pay homage to your hometowns or the city that brought you two together with a skyline pop up! Your guests won't be able to resist keeping it on their desk because, let's be honest, everyone loves a good pop up.

Photo by  Petit Robot

Photo by Petit Robot

Cartoonify Yourself

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

Take the trend of showcasing your personalities even further by cartoonifying yourself. These save the dates will take extra time and money to create, but your guests will be giving you ultimate cool points!

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

Box It Up

Studies have shown your guests are more likely to save the date when you give them a present. Okay, not a real statistic, but who doesn't love feeling like they're opening up a present? There are so many ways to do this - some more elaborate than others - so it's really a way to take control and customize your guests' experiences from the start.

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

If you aim to give guests a preview of your personalities, plan on stunning wedding invitation templates, that reflect something uniquely beautiful about your union. Let Mixbook give you the opportunity to do so. Think about your vision, then try incorporating one of these ideas for save the dates your guests will love.

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Fun wedding thank-you card ideas for after the big day
by Rachel Geeser

Congratulations! You’re a newlywed! Now that you’re back from the honeymoon and you’ve opened all your gifts the next big thing to do is start writing those wedding thank-you cards. Technically you have 2 weeks post-shower and 3 months post-wedding date to get these out, but there is nothing worse than knowing you have a long list of thank you’s hanging over your head. As a newlywed myself, I’m here to help with tips for how to make this tedious little task a little less painful, plus some really great cards that will set the tone for your note.

1. Keep track of things

To help lessen the burden when you return from your honeymoon, write any notes for gifts you receive before the wedding as you receive these. If you know the guest will be attending the wedding, make sure to include a note that you look forward to seeing them on the big day.

2. Delegate, delegate, delegate

Split the task up! You fiancé/husband may try and claim his handwriting isn’t the greatest (mine did), but it’s not fair to you to have to write all the notes. Especially when the gifts where meant for both of you. Divide the list evenly or by family/friend sets. Regardless how you do it, make sure you both sign each card.

3. Make it personal

With each note, personalize it to the person who sent the gift. Make sure to mention the item specifically and how you plan to use it. If the gift is cash, you do not have to mention the specific amount, but do note how you’ll be using the cash (We’re saving for a house and your generous gift gets us one step closer to a down payment!)

4. Plan ahead

For the design of your thank you there are so many options! You can match the design of your invitation suite, opt for a simple card with “thank you” or “thanks” on the front or personalize it with a photo from your wedding. This is a very popular right now and the ideas are endless (see below for a few of my favorites!). If you go this option though, keep in mind how long it will take to get your photos back from your photographer and how long it will take to receive your order and then write those thank you’s.

5. Thank your vendors, too!

In addition to thanking your guests and anyone who sent you a gift, don’t forget to thank your vendors. If they went above and beyond to make your day perfect, a handwritten note goes a long way. I also sent a quick text to all my guests and bridal party the day after our wedding thanking them for coming and letting them know how much it meant to my husband and I to have them there. I of course followed up with a handwritten note, but I was filled with so much gratitude for the people in our lives who made the trip to be at our wedding, I wanted to let them know right away how much it meant to us to have them there.

Without further ado, let us share some of our favorite ways to thank your guests...

Share a memory

Include a picture of you and the guest(s) from the wedding day. They may not have taken photos themselves and now they’ll have a special memory of the day to hold on to.


Say it with a postcard

Pick up postcards from your honeymoon and use these as your thank you’s. You can even get a head start on your notes and start writing these as you wait in the airport to head home!

As I mentioned above, saying “thank you” with a handmade sign on your wedding day is uber trendy right now. The ideas are endless so I’ve picked out a few of my favorites.

For book lovers…

Photo by  Louisa Podlich


For game lovers…

Photo by  Lana Lou Style


Make a chalkboard sign…


Or a wooden sign for a rustic-themed wedding...


Add a special touch

Did you take a group shot of all your guests at your wedding? We did and it’s one of my favorite pictures! Had I seen this DIY tutorial previously, I would have loved to use this photo as a liner for our thank you notes.

Photo by  Wedding Bee

Photo by Wedding Bee


Or get creative with a newspaper

If you aren’t DIY’d out by the end of your wedding, take your favorite photos from the day and compile them into a newspaper-esque article to send with your thank you. If your guests had as much fun as you did, they’ll love reliving the day.

Which of these amazing wedding thank-you card ideas will you use for the big day? Let us know!

Rachel Geeser is a Chicago newlywed who can't remember a time when she didn't love weddings. As editor of An Eventful Life she writes about fashion, food, entertaining & DIY projects. You can find her on TwitterFacebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Take your wedding programs to the next level with these fun ideas
by Karly Anderson

Photo by Peaches & Mint via  Style Me Pretty

Photo by Peaches & Mint via Style Me Pretty

Wedding programs are no longer a simple piece of paper that outlines the names of the bridal party and order of the ceremony events. Instead, programs have become yet another opportunity for the bride and groom to showcase their creativity and personalities, allowing guests to feel welcomed and get a feel for how things are going to go throughout the big day.

Although not all couples choose to have programs on their wedding day due to budget or time constraints, they do make not only a useful resource for guests but also a cherished memento that both you and attendees can keep for years to come. Deciding what information to include and leave out in the wedding program is half the battle before choosing a design, so you need to consider the overall feeling and theme of your wedding day, as well as what's most important to you and your spouse to convey to guests when they receive the program. Here's a general outline of what you may want to include in the wedding program:

  • Date, time and location of the ceremony
  • Names of the bridal party - maid/matron of honor, best man, bridesmaid(s), groomsmen, usher(s), flower girl and ring bearer
  • Names of important family members - parents of the bride and groom, grandparents
  • Names of significant figures at the ceremony - officiant, readers, musicians
  • General outline of the ceremony - depending on how formal it is or if you're having a religious ceremony, you may want to include specific titles of readings or scriptures and songs
  • Short thank you letter from the bride and groom
  • In loving memory tribute to deceased family members or close loved ones

If you're having a religious ceremony and/or holding the nuptials in a church, you may have to submit a draft to a staff member at the church for approval prior to getting the programs printed and assembled. This is to ensure that the integrity and solemnity of the religious proceedings are upheld throughout the ceremony. Be sure to check with your officiant or the office at your church for any requirements.

If you’re looking to think outside the box of a simple folded sheet of card stock, take a look at some of these unique wedding program ideas to get you inspired.

Keep Guests Cool with a Personal Program Fan

Photo by  Vine Wedding  via Etsy

Photo by Vine Wedding via Etsy

Especially if you’re getting married during the warmer months or are holding your ceremony in a location that doesn’t have any air conditioning (yes, that does happen – I was the maid of honor at a wedding like that!), consider doubling-up duty with your wedding programs and making them personal hand fans for your guests. Not only will they receive all the important and fun information about your big day, they also will be able to keep themselves cool throughout the day. Sweet Violet Bride offers a comprehensive DIY tutorial on how to make your own wedding program fan, and The Knot provides a few different free templates depending on the style and theme of your wedding.

Go Rustic with a Chalkboard Sign

Photo by Salty Peanut Photography via  The Wedding Chicks

Photo by Salty Peanut Photography via The Wedding Chicks

Thanks to the resurgence of rustic and vintage-everything these days, chalkboard signs are at the top of the popularity list right now regardless of the event. If you’re looking to save money, opt to go with a giant chalkboard sign at the entrance of your ceremony space that outlines the important details, such as names of the wedding party, officiant and a brief order of ceremony events. Magnet Street offers a great tutorial and tips on how to achieve a picture perfect chalkboard sign.

Escort Card and Send-off Favor – All in One!

Again, it’s great when you can have your wedding programs serve multiple purposes as both a budget and time saver. Have your programs serve as that and an escort card – include your guest’s name and table number on one side, and the program on the other. You also could attach it to a ribbon wand to serve as a send-off favor when you’re walking down the aisle with your new spouse or leaving the reception at the end of the night.

Hand Out Program Favor Bags

Photo by  RISEbridal

Photo by RISEbridal

Whether you choose to stuff bags with confetti or rose petals for the big send-off or offer a candy bar with bags for guests to stuff themselves, a favor bag printed with your ceremony program is both fun and functional. RISEbridal offers gorgeous screen printing designs for all your wedding day needs.

Extra! Extra! Create a Newspaper Program

Photo by  Ko Two Designs  via Etsy

Photo by Ko Two Designs via Etsy

Because we live in the digital age, newspapers are slowly taking a backseat to delivering us our news and current events. For a touch of nostalgia, create a wedding program newspaper that offers stories about the bride and groom (how you met, the proposal, etc.), as well as include wedding-themed games, such as crossword puzzles, to keep guests entertained as they wait for the activities to commence. Ko Two Designs on Etsy makes designing this interactive program a breeze.

Design a Glossy Magazine All About Your Wedding

Photo by  Twentypages

Photo by Twentypages

How fun would it be to have an entire magazine dedicated to you and your spouse and your wedding day? Well, Twentypages makes that possible! You can design and fully customize a high-quality glossy magazine for you and your guests to enjoy throughout the big day and in years to come.

Get Graphic with Infographics

Photo by  Yellow Brick Graphics  via Etsy

Photo by Yellow Brick Graphics via Etsy

If you’re into graphic design or art, a bold, fun infographic for your wedding day program may be the way to go. You can include vibrant colors, various fonts and even cartoon drawings of you, your spouse and wedding party. The options are limitless! Yellow Brick Graphics offers several options – or, if you’re good with graphic design, give it a go yourself!

Get Creative with Cootie Catchers

Photo by  Alchemy Hour Designs  via Etsy

Photo by Alchemy Hour Designs via Etsy

A fun and unique game for both children and adults alike, a vintage-inspired cootie catcher will keep all your guests entertained and reminiscing about the days when they used to create their own versions of the popular paper game. Alchemy Hour Designs makes it easy for you to customize your cootie catchers and include all the desired information.

Don’t let your wedding programs be an afterthought or overlooked detail of your wedding day – with a bit of inspiration and creativity, you can create (or purchase!) a program that will be unique and memorable to both you and your guests.

Karly Anderson is a born and raised Midwest girl currently residing outside Milwaukee, Wis. Her blog, Miss in the Midwest, chronicles her take on beauty, life and style in the Heartland. Catch up with Karly on InstagramFacebook and Twitter

16 of the best free wedding printables for your DIY wedding
by Stephanie

Photo by  Lia Griffith

Photo by Lia Griffith

There's so many little details that go into a wedding day — from the stationery to the decor and other goodies for your guests, it can start to feel like there's a never-ending list of details that you need to get together before the big day. With so many to-do's and items to print, you can start to find that all those little costs might make a hefty dent in your wedding budget. Well, we're here to lend you budget brides and hand with some of the best free wedding printables the web has to offer for your DIY wedding!

From save the dates to invitations and LOTS of printable reception details like table numbers or guest books, these free resources are sure to simplify your planning process and save you a couple bucks along the way. We've listed a few of our favorite resources here:

  • Something Turquoise: The best ideas for DIY save the dates and unique reception details that are sure to make guests smile
  • Lia Griffith: Printable central for wedding reception decor, perfect for the bride confident in her DIY skills
  • Wedding Chicks: Lots and LOTS of free, stunning save the date and wedding invitation ideas that will look amazing, no matter the size of your budget.
  • Swooned Mag: Fun, luxe printable touches for reception decor and details — your guests will never know they were free!

Of course, this isn't an exhaustive list — there's a lot more free wedding printables out there, you just have to find the ones that'll go perfectly with your DIY day. We've rounded up a few of our favorite options that are sure to impress your guests... for free!

Save the dates & invitations

Many couples allocate hundreds of dollars to their stationery budget for boutique paper suites — but what they don't know is you can get original and beautiful printable save the dates or invitation designs for free! One of my personal favorite DIY save the date ideas is Something Turquoise's adorable printable Instagram save the dates (bel0w), which you can customize with your own photos.

If you're looking for a more straightforward print-and-go option, the sweet designs below by Best Day Ever and Lia Griffith are amazing — and Wedding Chicks has a ton of beautiful invitation designs to download and print for free!

Photo by  Best Day Ever

Photo by Best Day Ever

Photo by  Wedding Chicks
Photo by  Lia Griffith

Photo by Lia Griffith


Pre-wedding stationery essentials

Wedding paper goods aren't limited to save the dates and invites — you'll also need some fun stationery for pre-wedding tasks like asking your bridesmaids, printing wedding day itineraries and more!

Photo by  Wedding Party

Photo by Wedding Party


Guest books

There's so many creative options for wedding guest books these days — and they can get pricey! If you're looking for something a little easier and cost-effective, consider these printable guest book ideas...

Photo by  Wedding Chicks


Reception details

Table numbers, cake toppers, garlands, guest entertainment and more... the number of paper details that you might need for your reception can be endless! Why not cut costs and stress by using an easy, printable version of your decor? We love these table numbers and more, below!

Photo by  Swooned Mag

Photo by Swooned Mag

Photo by  Swooned Mag

Photo by Swooned Mag

Photo by  Ruffled

Photo by Ruffled

Photo by  Lovely Indeed

Photo by Lovely Indeed

Photo by  Wedding Party

Photo by Wedding Party

Well brides and grooms, which of these fun free wedding printables will you be using for your big day? Let us know and tell us how it turns out!

Romantic berry wedding inspiration by Izzy Hudgins Photography
by Stephanie

Gorgeous boho berry colored wedding inspiration!
Gorgeous boho berry colored wedding inspiration!

Today we’re thrilled to feature a wedding that’s sure to satisfy any appetite for dramatic and colorful wedding inspiration. Inspired by the dark romance of the Wedding Paper Divas invitation suite, this editorial uses rich colors, intricate details and a modern industrial venue for a lush combination that’s entirely unique. Perfect for any season, the opulent combination of fuchsia and royal blue is as stunning as it is inspiring. Izzy Hudgins Photography and French Knot Studios outdid themselves with this stylish shoot!

Find further inspiration, tutorials and real wedding features on the wedding blog.

This dark and romantic wedding invitation is the tops!
This dark and romantic wedding invitation is the tops!
Super romantic and pretty wedding invitation by Wedding Paper Divas
Super romantic and pretty wedding invitation by Wedding Paper Divas

Vintage-style personalized wedding stationery sets the mood perfectly, and the deconstructed elegance of The Engine Room is the perfect palette for these lush colors.

Lovely loft wedding decor and inspiration
Lovely loft wedding decor and inspiration
Stunning romantic wedding dress and lots of pretty berry colored flowers
Stunning romantic wedding dress and lots of pretty berry colored flowers
Gorgeous urban and boho loft wedding
Gorgeous urban and boho loft wedding
Super delicious looking chocolate and berry cake! Holy yum!
Super delicious looking chocolate and berry cake! Holy yum!
Lovely boho bride and her MOH in blue!
Lovely boho bride and her MOH in blue!

These dresses by BHLDN perfectly capture the drama and elegance of the shoot.

Gorgeous photo of bridesmaids in BHLDN bridesmaid dresses
Gorgeous photo of bridesmaids in BHLDN bridesmaid dresses
Lovely bridesmaids in stunning shades of blue and gray from BHLDN
Lovely bridesmaids in stunning shades of blue and gray from BHLDN
Stunning berry colored wedding bouquet with dahlias and vines
Stunning berry colored wedding bouquet with dahlias and vines

Dark and rich floral patterns with arrangements by Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio fit the mood perfectly.

Gorgeous boho bride, with the prettiest dahlia flower crown!
Gorgeous boho bride, with the prettiest dahlia flower crown!
The bride and her bridal party. Stunning!
The bride and her bridal party. Stunning!
Gorgeous boho bride and a dapper groom in navy and berry
Gorgeous boho bride and a dapper groom in navy and berry

Okay, let's talk about that flower crown though... it's a total must! I'm loving the use of color and dahlias in this styled lends such a soft touch to the edgy, romantic vibe of the rest of the shoot.

Thanks to the wonderful vendors for their amazing work! Let us know your favorite parts of this styled shoots in the comments, and special thanks to Wedding Paper Divas for sharing!


Photographer: Izzy Hudgins Photography | Venue: The Engine Room | Event Design & Styling: French Knot Studios | Floral Design: Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio | Hair & Makeup: Brushworx | Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas | Dessert: A Squad Bakeshop | Furniture Rentals: Crush Event Rentals | Table Accessories: Z Gallerie | Ribbon: Silk & Willow | Dresses: BHLDN | Hair Accessories: Mignonne Handmade | Jewelry: Trumpet & Horn | Menswear: H&M | Jewelry: Trumpet & Horn