Ellyn Henderson

Wedding dance songs to start the party
by Ellyn Henderson


Weddings and dancing go hand in hand, but when you're getting together a bunch of people who don't know each other, how can you be sure everyone will let loose and get jiggy with it?  Alcohol can help, but so can group dance songs that everyone already knows!  We've compiled a list of the best wedding dance songs for you to share with your DJ or add to your playlist to ensure that your guests have a blast on the dance floor all night long.  To make things even easier, we've included video links to the dances themselves so you can brush up on your moves ahead of time!

    1. Electric Slide, Marcia Griffiths - Young and old will know all of the steps to this classic wedding dance song!
    2. Cupid Shuffle, Cupid - A new classic that has all of the moves directly in the song lyrics
    3. Cha-Cha Slide, Mr. C The Slide Man - Another more recent one that is a crowd favorite, cha-cha real smooth.
    4. Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae), Silentó - A new song, but we promise any kids at your reception will love you for playing it. Plus it's hilarious to watch kids dance to this one; seriously, just check out the music video (get it tu-tu girl!).

5. Copperhead Road, Steve Earle - Possibly a little less known, but still quite easy an a ton of fun.  Don't be surprised if you break a sweat on this one.

6. Wobble, V.I.C. -  One of our favorites!

7. Shout, Isley Brothers - Okay, this one doesn't have a group dance, so to speak, but it is sure to get everyone out of their seats and on the dance floor.

What are your favorite wedding dance songs?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Alternative wedding registries for modern brides
by Ellyn Henderson

The modern bride has so many options out there when it comes to wedding registries; isn't it great?  Actually, it's probably a bit overwhelming to try to decide between all of the available options.  If you happen to be anything like me, you already have your kitchen and home pretty well outfitted with gadgets, décor and day to day items.  If the thought of another drawer full of tea towels makes you yawn, you'll want to get a little more creative with your registry.  Here are some great alternative wedding registries for brides who already have it all!

Honeymoon Registry

A honeymoon registry gives guests the opportunity to sponsor parts of the honeymoon; from airline miles, to meals, to specific excursions or activities.   Honeymoon registries are a great alternative to traditional wedding registries designed to help dollar-conscious couples have the honeymoon of their dreams without breaking the bank.  There are a few main players in the honeymoon registry space, listed in no particular order below, and all have their pros and cons.  Be sure to consider payment options for guests, fees involved, ease of use and your travel agent’s preferences when choosing the best registry for your honeymoon.

Down Payment Registry

Once again, I have a ton of house and kitchenwares, but don’t yet have a house to call my own.  One of the most intimidating things to me is saving enough money for a down payment.  Of course, some lovely folks who are more creative than I am have developed solutions for that.  A down payment registry, similar to a honeymoon registry, is a cash-based registry that allows your friends and families to gift you sums of money for your future home.  You can use a few of honeymoon registries listed above to collect cash for a down payment, but there are also some sites specific to these purposes.

Charity Registry

Another great alternative (or addition) to a traditional gift registry is a charity registry.  Generosity is a strong theme during the entire wedding process, why not pay it forward and give your friends and family the opportunity to donate to a cause close to your heart?  These sites can help you set up a registry for your favorite charity and start fundraising today!

What do you think about alternative wedding registries; will you be using one?  How are you getting your friends and family on board?