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How To Keep Your Littlest Guests Entertained At Your Wedding
by Nahva Tecklu

So maybe you've decided to allow children at your wedding, or maybe you're on the fence about it - in which case I highly suggest you check out this article - either way it's important to start thinking about how you might cater to the kids. Think about it, as adults weddings are a blast. Who doesn't love dressing up, a nice dinner, the open bar opportunity to catch up with old friends? However for youngsters weddings are often incredibly long, boring days. Good news is, they don't have to be. Consider these ideas to keep your littlest guests entertained at your wedding, you'll be glad you did!

I Spy

Photo by  Martha Stewart

A game like I spy - if challenging enough - will not only keep kids entertained the entire night, but also give them a reason to interact with other guests.

Activity Packs

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

Activity pack can either be purchased or assembled yourself. They'll generally have small toys, activity sheets, coloring bookings, mad libs, or other small worksheets to keep kids busy.

Photo by  Martha Stewart
Photo by  Lovely Indeed

Photo by Lovely Indeed

Chalkboard Games

Chalkboard games are great because kids can play them again and again. Choose a few different games, like hangman, tic tac toe, and foggy boxes, and they'll be set for hours.

Yard Games

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

Classic yard games like corn hole, "wedding" ring toss, and hopscotch are inexpensive to buy - you can even make them yourself - will not only entertain kids, but add a homey feeling to your wedding.

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

Giant Board Games

Things that are life sized are way more fun. So kids will love these giant versions of tic tac toe, jenga, and chess.

A Piñata

Photo by  Jared Platt

Photo by Jared Platt

A great way to get kids to behave during a boring segment of a wedding is to promise a reward for good behavior. Hanging a piñata hanging somewhere in plain sight and promising them the chance to break it later will keep them on their best behavior now and super entertained later.


Kids love balloons. So whether you have the budget for a balloon twister, or you simply put some balloons out that they won't get in trouble for playing with, they'll definitely enjoy it.

A Kite

Photo by  Morgan Trinker

Kites are beautiful as decorations, but why not let the kids have some fun with them too? Set a few aside and watch young kids fly them for hours.

A Bouncy House

Photo by  Joseph Hall

Photo by Joseph Hall

You might have to fight adult guests off it, but a bouncy house is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

A VIP Lounge

Everyone loves the idea of being a VIP, so let the kids know how special they are with their own VIP lounge. Fill it with kid-friendly snacks, books, or even rent a projector and put on a movie. They won't want to leave.

Don't forget you can always hire a baby sitter

If you know many of your guests have very young children, consider hiring a few baby sitters on site. Many venues will have a space that can be easily converted into a nursery, that way guests will have the peace of mind that they can check on their children at any time and everyone else can just have...well, peace.

Don't ever underestimate the sweetness of the presence of smiling children can add to your special day. After all, weddings are all about families. So don't let the fear of a bored child getting rambunctious keep you from allowing them at your wedding. The idea above will surely keep your littlest guests happy, entertained, and a result well behaved at your wedding! So what do you think? Please comment below to share any of your ideas, and check out these ways to keep kids entertained at your wedding!

Save Money Serving Signature Cocktails At Your Wedding
by Nahva Tecklu

With the costs of weddings skyrocketing many couples are looking for ways to cut costs without cutting corners. It’s tricky, but don’t fret! There are plenty of ways to save money that will leave your wallets fatter and your guests as impressed as ever. One our favorite tricks? Cut down your bar budget!

As we’re sure you’ve learned through wedding planning, more options equals more money. By offering a fully stocked bar you’ll likely be paying for alcohol that will go to waste. Don’t do it out of obligation! Instead trim down you selection to a few of your favorite beers and wines, and one or more signature cocktails!  Not only can you save money serving a signature cocktail at your wedding, but doing so will add so much depth to the story, feel, and memory of your wedding. So how do you go about choosing? Well, that really depends on what you hope to emphasize.

Practically speaking it is ideal to choose something that most people love, so stay away from some of the stronger liquors (read: think before you add tequila!). If you’re offering one signature drink one of the vodka based drinks below would be perfect.

For those serving 2 signature cocktails, it’s a good idea to offer a traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine option. A bourbon and vodka like the ones below would work wonderfully.

You may want to consider taking the opportunity to play up your theme! It’s a fantastic way to let your alcohol budget work for both drinks and decor. We’re obsessed with these yummy options!

French 75
French 75

A French 75 is perfect for a 1920's Gatsby themed affair.

And a Glass Slipper is a wonderful option for Disney lovers working with a fairytale theme.

Alternatively a signature cocktail is a fun way to share a bit of your story as a couple with your guests. Think back to any favorite drinks - or wild nights - you two have had. If there was a cocktail involved that’s a great choice! You can either share the story behind the cocktail on the drink menu or keep it as a secret between the two of you. Either way you and your guests will enjoy the pick!

Photo by  Punch Parker

Photo by Punch Parker

Feel free to use creating a signature cocktail - and the money you’ll save by doing so - as a fun excuse to go on a date with your fiancé! Take a mixology class, create a drink of your own, it’ll be a fun break from wedding planning, besides what’s better than something uniquely yours?

You can even use your signature cocktail to invite your guests to experience a bit of your honeymoon by choosing a drink popular to the region you plan to visit!

For those visiting South American country a South America inspired Kiwi Capiroska is perfect.

Italy bound honeymooners can offer their guests a Negroni.

Celebrate a tropical honeymoon with a Caribbean Breeze Cocktail.

Or if you're embarking on a chilly getaway consider a warmig Apple Barrel Cocktail.

Don’t forget to have fun with it! Show off some personality when naming the drink or even choosing the colors!

If you’re having trouble deciding, here are a few of our staff’s favorites:

Offering a signature cocktail is the perfect ways for any couple to take customizing their big day a step further, and for the budget conscious it’s a great solution to trim costs without compromising experience. Would you consider a signature cocktail? Tell us what you think below! And for more ways to save, check out our 5 tips for sticking to your wedding budget!

A Charming Winery Wedding by Hanh Nguyen Photography
by Nahva Tecklu

What happens when you combine two people crazy about each other, their loving friends and families, and a charming private estate in beautiful Napa Valley? This scenic wedding.

With a pink and purple color palette set against the natural greenery of the winery and clear blue sky, the sweet moments in each photograph stand out beautifully. If you weren't obsessed with weddings already, prepare to be after seeing this charming winery wedding by Hanh Nguyen Photography.

How sweet is that last photo? And the nod to Thao's culture during the cake cutting portion of the ceremony, simply perfect. This marriage is the union of two people, but it's a lot more than that. It's two families and cultures coming together, we love that that was celebrated! It's those moments that make weddings so unique and beautiful!

For more inspiration on how to add personal, meaningful touches to your wedding like Destiny and Thao did, you can check out our 8 tips for doing so. From all of us at Wedding Party, congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple!


Photography: Hanh Nguyen Photography | Florist: Posy Studios | DJ: ONe Love Music Productions | Linen and place settings: Big 4 Party Rentals | Makeup: Gilda Haskins | Hair Stylist: Stephanie Wilde | Bridesmaid dresses: Dessy collection | Wedding dress: Maggie Sottero | Event Venue: Private Estate in Napa

How To Create a Seating Chart That Works For Everyone
by Nahva Tecklu

Photo by  Docuvitae

Photo by Docuvitae

Anyone who has ever hosted a wedding will tell you that one of, if not the, most dreaded task of planning is creating the seating chart. Perhaps it's because it can only be done towards the end of planning when couples have a ton of other things to attend to and are frankly over it. Or, maybe it's that they're dealing with family and friends that love them, but not each other, and are struggling to avoid tumultuous tables. It may simply be that it's not fun to rank your loved ones - as many couples feel they're forced to do - and would rather not tell someone, "I want you to attend my wedding, but only as much as my crazy aunt I don't speak to... she's to your left". While we can't take all the pain away from creating the seating chart for your wedding - think of it as a right of passage - we do have a few steps to follow to make creating a seating chart that works for everyone hurt a little less.

No. 1  Start with yourself

You've gotta start somewhere and often times the best place to start is with yourself. Ease into the decision making by deciding whether you want a sweetheart table, a great option for couples who hope to steal a few moments alone over the course of the night, or a head table, a perfect way to share the night with your closest friends.

Photo by  Tec Petaja

Photo by Tec Petaja

No. 2 Consider logistics

Once you've figured out what kind of table you'll be seated at it's time to think about your guests. Keep in mind the some details about the tables you'll be using - the size of the tables and whether or not you'll have endcaps are particularly useful to know- then decide if you want to assign seats or just tables.

No. 3 ...then systematically work your way outward

Now it's time to go through your guest list and do some organizing. This part tends to make a lot of couples uncomfortable, but it's necessary. You don't need to rank your loved ones one by one, instead use the circles method to separate your guests into tiers. For example, your tier one guests may include your bridal party, each of your nuclear families, and closest friends. Tier two could be comprised of grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and some of your sorority sisters. And last, but not least, tier three might have work friends, neighbors, guests your parents insisted on etc. This method gives you smaller, less daunting sets to work with and automatically prioritizes which guests should be assigned a seat or table first.

No. 4 Be Fair

Perhaps in the magical land where weddings were planned without a single tear shed and went off without a hitch there exists a venue without a bad seat in the house... honestly, I'm doubtful. Even the most beautiful venues will have less than perfect seats, my advice: play fair and share them. (This is especially if you aren't splitting the invites 50/50. If your partner has allowed you more than your fair share be thankful and place your extra guests in the seats in the back.) Divide tables into tiers based on desirability. A great way to ensure things stay fair is to split "top tier" tables, that will also lead to mingling between families, and can be a real life saver for interracial weddings where not sharing family tables could lead to awkward, unintentionally segregated tables...yikes.

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

No. 5 ... And Thoughtful

Chances are there will be a number of guests requiring certain accommodations at your wedding. Keep these accommodations in mind when preparing your seating chart. Whether it's an elderly relative placed near a bathroom, or families with children seated away from speakers, your guests will surely appreciate the consideration. Additionally, consider the implications of your table choices. Take a minute to think about the personalities of the people at each table, if you think there's a potential clash there, avoid it!

No. 6 Use Charts

A good old fashioned chart- literally just poster board, some sharpies, and Post-It notes - is sometimes the best way to get started with table or seat assignments. Start with a picture of the table layout for your venue. Color code tables and guests by previously designated tiers and go back and forth sticking them on the board. Two pro-tips to keep you sane, (1) don't go guest by guest, instead group people in 2s or 4s, and (2) establish a rule about how many times you can move guests around - yes, you can break it if you must - to avoid getting stuck.

No. 7 or an app

If you're more of a techy, the same can be done with a number of different apps. Wedding Wire has an easy to use drag and drop seating chart tool, Tablerrr offers smart seating to help form sensible seating charts based on relationships to the bride and groom, and Top Table Planner even allows you to indicate meal presence! Explore which option is best for you and let the app do some of the work for you.

No. 8 Ask for an outside opinion to look over everything once you're done

A pair of fresh eyes - ideally one that knows your family dynamics - doing a once over after you've finished your chart can be incredibly valuable. If that's not possible, don't fret! Remember, your friends and family are ultimately there to celebrate you and that comes before any drama or tension.

Creating a seating chart for your wedding won't be easy, but following the steps above will lessen the burden on you and your hubby to be. Once you're done with the chart check out these tips for unique DIY escort cards your guests will love!

10 Chic Naked Wedding Cakes and Why We Love Them
by Nahva Tecklu

Photo by  True Atelier

Photo by True Atelier

When it comes to wedding cakes, what's more beautiful than delicate cake, decadent buttercream, and fresh fruit and flowers? Honestly, not much, which is why so many brides are choosing to go naked on their wedding day...well go for naked cakes that is. We're huge fans of unique wedding cakes. This season's hottest trend is to forgo the fondant and we love it. Take a look these 10 chic naked wedding cakes and you'll see why we're obsessed!

This cake is the definition of pretty. Pink blooms and dusted powdered sugar give it an whimsical feel perfect for a fairytale or garden wedding. It's too pretty to eat, well almost...

Only a few ripe berries adorn this stunning cake, and it needs nothing more! The chic minimalism would make the perfect statement at a rustic vineyard wedding.

This cake would look amazing at a barn wedding. The thin layers of cake with exposed buttercream and subtle hints of lavender give this naked cake homemade country chic vibes we can't get enough of.

Momofuku is known for their amazing desserts and, of course, their wedding cakes are no different. This playful riff on classic funfetti comes naked and is a delicious way to celebrate a spring or summer wedding. Yum!

The combination of berries and flowers give this tri tiered naked cake a woodsy feel perfect for outdoor weddings. Not only is the cake beautiful, it's multiple flavors guarantees it will be a crowd pleaser.

Photo by  Sweet Paul

Photo by Sweet Paul

The contrast between the dark layers of cake and white buttercream combined with the caramel dripping down the sides of this cake make it a true showstopper. There's no way your guests will be able to resist.

Ever been to a wedding with a cake that - to your disappointment - looked way better than it tasted? This is certainly not one of those cakes. It's beauty comes from strawberry jam seeping out of exposed layers of sponge cake and lemon buttercream. Looks and tastes like summer!

We're all about switching things up and this cake does exactly that. The exposed lines of cake and frosting are highlighted by the square shape of the cake for a cool, modern look.

With it's decorative frosting perfectly peaking out between each layer this naked chocolate cake is sure to win over any preppy bride!

This cake is amazing. The stacked berries add a touch of drama to each delicate layer. And as if we couldn't love it's a DIY! If you're considering making your own wedding cake a naked cake is a great option. Because of it's perfectly imperfect homemade aesthetic it's a lot more forgiving than a traditional cake. This bride did an incredible job creating her cake and with this online tutorial, you can do the same. Pair it up with a DIY topper to create a showstopper of your own!

With so many sweet moments centered around it, the cake is an iconic part of any wedding. Go ahead and make a chic statement with yours by trying one of these naked wedding cakes everyone will love! Comment below and let us know what you think of the trend!

Unique ideas for Save the Dates Your Guests Will Love
by Nahva Tecklu

Photo by  Petite Alma

Photo by Petite Alma

Incomparable Save the Date Ideas to Amaze Your Guests

Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples! For many of you here begins the long - very long - journey of wedding planning. It's important to send save the dates at least six months in advance, so once you've locked down a venue, it's time to think about yours. While the function of a save the date cards used to be entirely logistical - and you should definitely include some logistical info, the date, venue , and who's invited - they've become so much more. Your save the date is the first official preview of your wedding, and for some, you and your fiancé as a couple. You already know your wedding will be amazing, so why not take the opportunity to wow your guests? These ideas for save the date will not only have your guests saving the date, they'll be counting down the days until they can watch you say, "I do".

Try a Modern Letterpress Design

Photo by  Papellerie

Photo by Papellerie

Letterpress printing will give you a classically beautiful finish, but there's no need to keep it classic. There are so many modern edges you can add. Whether you decide to letterpress a modern print or graphic, or mix in some digital printing, your guests will love the classic look with a modern twist.

Photo by  Dauphine Press

Use Paper Cutting

Photo by  Minted

Photo by Minted

If you're looking for a way to incorporate designs and texture paper cut, save the dates are perfect for you. With the laser cutting technology available, the possibilities are endless. Find, or work with a designer to create a design that gives subtle hints about your theme. For an airy, delicate feel, leave the cutout as is, or try layering it to create a multidimensional look.

Photo by  Studio Seed

Photo by Studio Seed

Photo by  Love Carli

Photo by Love Carli

Play Around With Texture

Photo by  Czar Press

Photo by Czar Press

Your guests will likely be expecting a paper save the date in the mail, so why not take the opportunity to surprise them with something more interesting? Incorporating different textures will add depth and dimension, and with so many materials to choose from, there are options for every budget. Whether you choose to accent paper with foil or lace, or print on cloth or wood altogether, your guests will be wowed.

Photo by  Elli

Photo by Elli

... or the shape and layout

Photo by  Studio on Fire

An easy way to make your save the dates more interesting is to play with the layout or shape of the card. It can be as simple as choosing a vertical design instead of the classic horizontal, or as elaborate as incorporating origami, or using a symbol of your wedding as the shape of the card itself. Just be aware that opting out of a standard size or shape can raise the associated shipping costs. So if you're working on a tight budget, consider a design that cuts the dimensions of the card down symmetrically as opposed to one that leaves portions of the card needing a larger, more expensive, envelope.

Photo by  Martha Stewart
Photo by  Shauna

Photo by Shauna

Use Bold Prints

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

Whether it's due to familial pressure to be traditional, or looking at one too many 80's weddings, a lot of couples are fearful of committing to bold prints. With save the dates, at least, they shouldn't be. Save the dates often follow the theme of the wedding to follow, but they don't have to. So, if you want to experiment with something bolder, do it! 

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

Photo by  Magnet Street

Photo by Magnet Street

Go Green

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

For the eco friendly bride and groom, I love the idea of printing on plantable paper. If you're unfamiliar with plantable paper heres the lowdown. Biodegradable paper is made from post consumer materials - that means no trees harmed - and then embedded with seeds of flowers, herbs, or vegetables. So once their calendars are marked, guests can plant the paper in soil and voila, it grows! If you're really good at planning - and your guests have green thumbs - perhaps it'll bloom by your wedding day. You can even take it a step further by playing on the notion of "planting roots" and "growing strong" together by sending guests decorative ceramic planters with the invites. Either way giving back to both your guests and the environment has to feel good.

Photo by  Belle + Union

Photo by Belle + Union

Create A Pop Up

Two words perfectly describe pop up save the dates - cute and quirky. If you and your groom are looking to showcase your personalities, this could be a great way to reinvent the picture save the date trend. Alternatively, pay homage to your hometowns or the city that brought you two together with a skyline pop up! Your guests won't be able to resist keeping it on their desk because, let's be honest, everyone loves a good pop up.

Photo by  Petit Robot

Photo by Petit Robot

Cartoonify Yourself

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

Take the trend of showcasing your personalities even further by cartoonifying yourself. These save the dates will take extra time and money to create, but your guests will be giving you ultimate cool points!

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

Box It Up

Studies have shown your guests are more likely to save the date when you give them a present. Okay, not a real statistic, but who doesn't love feeling like they're opening up a present? There are so many ways to do this - some more elaborate than others - so it's really a way to take control and customize your guests' experiences from the start.

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

If you aim to give guests a preview of your personalities, plan on stunning wedding invitation templates, that reflect something uniquely beautiful about your union. Let Mixbook give you the opportunity to do so. Think about your vision, then try incorporating one of these ideas for save the dates your guests will love.

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Beyond the bouquet: 4 unique flower wedding decor ideas
by Nahva Tecklu

When you imagine yourself walking down the aisle, what is it that you see?  For may the picture wouldn't seem complete without a beautiful bouquet, but the focus on florals shouldn't stop there. Flowers are a beautiful addition to any space, and with so many unique flower wedding decor ideas for your big day, there's no reason to stick to your bouquet when thinking about wedding flowers. Here are a few of my favorite ideas!

Flower Walls

A strategically placed flower wall can function as more than just a background for special moments of the night the like the first dance, cake cutting, or exchange of vows. Repurpose the wall as a beautiful backdrop for photos your guests will love. Or, create a chic lounge outside the main reception room for guests to enjoy.

While the price of traditional flower walls is rather high, you can cover the majority of the wall with less expensive greenery and accent with flowers to achieve a similar effect, or opt out of a solid wall and instead hang flowers loosely for a more ethereal look that won't break the bank.

Floral Structures

To wow your guests before you begin your walk down the aisle, consider investing in a floral structure placed either at the head of the altar or somewhere else visible to guests as they make their way in. A fully covered arch will act as a dramatic focal point, directing attention to your beaming groom.

On the other hand, a combination of light fabrics and greenery can create a whimsical feel that's subtly striking. If you're working with a venue that won't allow outside structures, but you still want to incorporate flower wedding decor, look out for existing structures you can work around, you may even save money by doing so!

Photo by  The Nichols  via  Brides

Photo by The Nichols via Brides

Hanging Florals

Hanging flowers are a huge trend this season, and it's no surprise. There really is something breathtaking about a falling bloom, and luckily, achieving the look won't break the bank. While the assembly costs may be higher, florists will ultimately use far fewer flowers, which, for you equals money saved. For those replacing traditional centerpieces with hanging arrangements

Aisle Decor

Despite the aisle being a iconic aspect of a wedding, its decor is often overlooked. Flower petals are an easy and affordable way to accentuate the aisle before your grand entrance. Whether you choose to form a monogram or pattern, play with colors using an ombre design, or let the petals fall where they may, a floral aisle runner can do wonders to dress up your ceremony space.

Bonus Idea, Forgo Fresh Flowers and Use Paper Flowers Instead

Here's a secret, your guests will be wowed by what they see, not what material it's made of. Not only will opting to use paper flowers save you money, it means you'll never face any seasonal or geographic challenges to make your vision for your wedding a reality. It really is a win-win!

With these ideas you can incorporate flowers into your wedding for maximum impact, even if your budget is less than blossoming. And for even more ways to save, check out our tips on DIY floral arrangements.

Something for the Girls, Gifts your Bridesmaids will Love
by Nahva Tecklu

Wedding season is upon us, which means for many of you after months of planning - and years of dreaming - the big day is almost here! While it may be easy to get caught up in last minute details and exciting new beginnings, it’s so important to take the time to thank the ones who have been with us from the start. The ones you’ve asked to stand alongside you when it’s finally time to say "I do," your girls. So, for all of you busy brides out there looking to say thanks, here are a few gifts your bridesmaids will love!


A piece of jewelry is a classic gift to bridesmaids. While most people stick with bracelets or necklaces, why not steer away from tradition and give each of your bridesmaids a ring before you walk down the aisle to get yours? For those looking to personalize, BaubleBar offers custom jewelry to fit any budget.



With scent driving so much of our memory, choosing a signature fragrance for your big day is a must! While you're at it, pick up a small bottle of the perfume of your choice for each of your bridesmaids. It's a practical gift they'll definitely use, and it's bound to bring up sweet memories of your wedding with each wear. If you're wondering what scent to choose, stop by a Jo Malone boutique for a consultation with one of their wedding stylists who can walk you through creating your own signature fragrance.

Photo by Jessica Burke via  Style Me Pretty

Photo by Jessica Burke via Style Me Pretty



Nothing says "slumber party" like cute pjs. Get matching sets for you and your girls to wear the night before the wedding. Choose a pair that reflects your wedding style. Pretty Plum Sugar even has discounted bridal party sets to save money! Be sure to have your photographer snap a few photos of you and the girls getting ready in the pajamas the morning of. Then, send framed copies to each of your bridesmaids with a note thanking them being a part of the special day.


Jewelry Boxes

Often the greatest gifts are the ones that last forever. A custom jewelry box that your bridesmaid can keep on her dresser at home is just that. Sites like Etsy offer plenty of different sizes and styles to fit the theme and budget of your wedding, or you could even turn it into a fun pre-wedding DIY project (just be sure to check out these tips first)!

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

$65 on Etsy

Gift Packages

If you're having trouble deciding on a single gift to fit, consider making personalized packages for each of your bridesmaids. Feel free to include anything from pictures of the two of you to keepsakes from your wedding.

We've got the adults covered, but we can't forget to thank the youngest member of the bridal party for her role in the big day. Consider one of these gifts to make your flower girl feel special too!

Custom Teddy Bear

Between dress fittings, rehearsal dinners, not to mention the reception itself, weddings are often tiresome for young guests. Why not give your flower girl a special companion to take along to all the festivities? Not only is it a sweet gesture on your part, but it can help keep the little one entertained and smiling for pictures.

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

$36 on Etsy

Personalized Handkerchief

If you're looking to take the more sentimental route, a sweet note on a handkerchief is an inexpensive gift that only gets better with time. Just think how much it would mean to you if you had this "something old" on your big day!

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

$24.50 on Etsy

Dainty Jewelry

For an older flower girl, or perhaps a junior bridesmaid, a piece of dainty jewelry is an exciting, age appropriate gift she'll love to wear for years to come! If you're particularly close with your flower girl, get one for yourself and wear it with her, or consider ordering a set for your entire bridal party!

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

Set of 6 for $165 on Etsy

So now all that’s left is deciding which gift fits best for you and your bridal party! And if you have any other ideas please comment below!