Lindsey Delgado

9 Boho Hairstyles for Summer Brides
by Lindsey Delgado

Photo by  Danielle Poff

Photo by Danielle Poff

Summer is the perfect season for the classic boho wedding. Whether you are going for the full alternative feel, or simply adding a few flowers in your hair, the boho trend is perfect for the casual and light-hearted wedding theme. And what bridal beauty essential captures this bohemian atmosphere? You and your hair do.

Before planning your beauty look make sure that whichever hairstyle, and possible accompanying accessories, you choose are cohesive to the ambiance of your wedding and complementary to your dress, face shape, and hair texture. If you're channeling Kate Middleton, don't overdo it with Kate Moss. Find a happy equilibrium like Lauren Conrad. Think: does this accessory clash with my dress? Do these flower pieces coordinate with my bouquet? Veil, or no veil?

Check out some of these 9 boho hairstyles for summer brides to find your perfect look:

Flower Crown + Middle Part

The quintessential boho wedding wouldn't be complete with out the flower crown and loose curls. Perfect for brides rocking the long sleeves. Make sure to find fresh, seasonal flowers that enhance the colors in your hair, make up, and bouquet. Think: light pink and ivory cosmos, lilies and daisies. Finish the hippie look by being bold and going for the middle part!

Photo by  Addcolo

Photo by Addcolo

Flower Crown Veil

Feeling the pressure to strict to tradition and ignore the trend? Merge them! The flower crown veil is one of the most beautiful and au natural looks a bride can embody. Show off your creativity and incorporate the flower crown into any style of veil that speaks to you.

Photo by  Lev Kuperman

Photo by Lev Kuperman


Not your childhood pigtails, the braided fishtail is a chic and unique hairstyle for the alternative bride. Wear it as a low pony, to the side, or add it into your updo! However, fishtails are tricky and definitely complicated. Be sure to do a "hair-rehearsal" before your ceremony to sort out any unwanted knots or kinks. TIP: splurge on a professional!

Photo by  Rebecca Hollis
Photo by VeryHair

Photo by VeryHair

Baby's Breath

Crown, accent, wreath, you name it and baby's breath will shape it! From backyard bashes, to forrest elopements, baby's breath is the perfect hairstyle accessory for any type of wedding. Incorporate the flower into a soft bun, small braids, or style it as its own headpiece to emulate the graceful and delicate bridal look.

Photo by  Tessa Barton

Photo by Tessa Barton

Photo by  Abby Ross

Photo by Abby Ross

Floral Side Sweep

The floral side sweep blends whimsical romance with the alternative, boho trend. Concentrate your flowers to one side and try making the soft bun as loose as possible to create a glowing and carefree bridal style.

Photo by  Lora Grady

Photo by Lora Grady


Ribbons are a creative and inexpensive accessory to add to your boho hairstyle wigs. Whether tied into ringlet bows, or acting as unique-styled veils, ribbons encompass the DIY feel into the boho atmosphere. TIP: tie your ribbons into the rest of your décor to perfect your wedding theme.

Photo by  Montana Bach

Photo by Montana Bach

Photo by  Jasmine Star

Photo by Jasmine Star

Braid + Flower Accent

Similar to ribbons, light flower accents into your braids give your bridal hairstyle creativity. Make sure both the style of the braid, and the size of the flowers do not overpower the dress or your bridal make up.

Photo by  Megan Robinson


Perfect for the bride looking for a little boho and a lot of glam. Headpieces are the tiaras of boho chic and are great for darker haired brides looking to give off a little pop and glitz. Check out fashion websites EPLOVE and Bo + Luca to shop through dozens of gorgeous and stunning headpieces.

Photo by  EPLOVE

Photo by EPLOVE

Photo by  Bo + Luca

Photo by Bo + Luca

Crown Braid

Looking for something a little less glitz and floral, but still queenly? Try the crown braid. One of the biggest trends of 2015 bridal beauty, the crown braid is as à la mode as it is complicated. Like the fishtail, go for the professional and be sure to do many run throughs!

Photo by  Paula O'Hara

Photo by Paula O'Hara

Photo by  Paper Antler

Photo by Paper Antler

Hair + Makeup by Steph

Hairstyle? Check! Now go check out more bridal beauty tips for some bold and gorgeous wedding make up ideas!

9 Unique DIY Wedding Garland Ideas
by Lindsey Delgado

Over the past decade we have seen the trend of DIY weddings give couples a special chance to express their creativity. From DIY wedding invitations, dessert tables, photo booths, and general reception décor, these personal touches give weddings a special and authentic twist. We can’t think of a better way for you to show off your own originality than by taking one of the most traditional aspects of wedding décor, the wedding garland, and giving it a 2015 spin.

Wedding garlands are the perfect ornament for any type of reception. They can adorn anything from cake toppers to bouquets, pose beautiful backdrops, and accessorize table centerpieces. Unique DIY wedding garlands are the perfect opportunity to showcase your imagination and individuality. Do you want to know the best part? They can be made on any budget!

Here are some of our favorite ideas to get you started:


Balloons are back on the rise, both figuratively and literally. We are seeing them as bouquet replacements, photo props, and now wedding garlands! Space them out around the dessert table and the dance floor to create a carefree and light-hearted atmosphere, which your guests will thoroughly enjoy. The ladies over at Apartment 34 created an easy tutorial on how to make these lovely DIY floral garland balloons.


Talk about symbolism. Nothing captures marriage like literal knotted rope! This tie-the-knot garland is simply sweet and can double as a creative photo backdrop. It is the perfect fit for rustic, barn, and backyard weddings.


Take your flowers to new heights by suspending them from branches, ceilings, chairs you name it! This inspiration shot perfectly captures the dream-like quality hanging flowers can posses. They are just the right touch for a whimsical and romantic themed wedding.


Going organic seems like a fitting complement to the DIY trend. This apple garland inspiration is not only delightful and creative, but also beautifully tasteful. Try incorporating some seasonal fruit into your wedding garlands to add your unique DIY touch.


On a tight budget? Ditch the flowers and grab the scissors! DIY paper wedding garlands are affordable, chic, and innovative. Whether you’re into fun and colorful flags, quirky and vibrant diamonds, or stunning origami, the possibilities for paper wedding garlands are endless! Up for a challenge? Check out All Free DIY Wedding’s tutorial  on how to make elegant paper cranes.

Photo by  Izzy Hudgins  via  Ruffled

Photo by Izzy Hudgins via Ruffled


The photo DIY wedding garland is a great way to incorporate your guests into the celebration! This photo from the Carter & Cook Event Company shows just one of the many ways you can display photo garlands in your wedding décor. Photo garlands can be used to share the couple’s story, act as a premium wedding guest book, or even represent a physical slideshow of the event. Digital, disposable or Polaroid, photo wedding garlands are inexpensive, entertaining, and capture the memories you will be happy you saved.


These au natural chandeliers are the perfect wedding garlands for the trendy, green bride. Project Wedding provides a great step-by-step tutorial on how to make these gorgeous DIY flower chandeliers. Tip: try matching them with your bridal parties’ flower crowns to create an earthy and bohemian atmosphere.


Mix up your suspended wedding garlands by adding any types of jars, bottles or glasses. Use them with twinkling lights to create the perfect combination of classic simplicity, joined by DIY creativity. Mason jars and similar glasses create the ideal mood for a mid-summers night dream wedding.

Photo by  Mod Wedding

Photo by Mod Wedding


Still soaking up the patriotic spirit from the holiday weekend, this ribbon wedding garland from Knot and Pop is a charming accessory to the quintessential southern wedding. Ribbons are the ultimate DIY resource and have so much to offer. Try incorporating them into your wedding garlands, or use them as a stand-alone piece!

Can't get enough DIY? Check out our feature on DIY photo booth backdrops to find your ultimate wedding reception inspiration!

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