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3 dapper summer style ideas for grooms and groomsmen
by Biana Perez

Let me paint this little picture for you — your handsome groom is standing alongside his best guys at the altar... and all of them dripping in sweat. Not so glamorous, right? Is anyone likely to notice, probably not. But why not have everyone that's a part of your wedding day feel comfortable?

Dark suits are not the end all be all for weddings, but not anymore. Keep reading for three fun summer style ideas for grooms and groomsmen to look dapper and keep cool!


If you've always imagined having the men in your wedding dressed in suits, it's still possible with a summer wedding! Keep the color light with a grey, blue or tan suit. If you're having an outdoor ceremony, the guys will be thanking you for not having them in dark suits that are doing more harm than good in the hot sun!


No jacket, no problem. If your groomsmen are budget conscious, they will say a big thank you for not requiring them to rent (or possibly buy) a full suit! Matching ties can pull this entire look together, and the bright side is your groom can still stand out by wearing a full suit. You can have fun with this look by having them show off accessories like suspenders or just wear vests — either way, it's a great summer wedding look. And, most importantly, it keeps your guys looking hot without being hot!


Another fun alternative to the full suit is to dress up the guys with bow ties. You can go the dressy route with black bow ties for the groomsmen and then have the groom in a tie, or have them all match with bow ties! You'll see below that this look good with or without suspenders.

Photo by  Jo Photo

Photo by Jo Photo

For the most part, the groomsmen will happily take part in your day without uttering a word (if they are uncomfortable!), but these are just a few more things to keep in mind if a large portion of your wedding is taking place outside. If you have some men in the bridal party that tend to sweat a lot, have them order a second white shirt so that they can easily change into that between the ceremony and reception! If that still doesn't help ,these mini hand held personal fans are sure to keep them cool before they have to make their way down the aisle.

What do you like to see groomsmen wearing at a summer wedding? Let us know in the comments! Biana Perez is a twenty-something newlywed that is quite simply giddy over weddings. She's co-owner of Bespoke Boston Weddings & Events in Boston and you can read along as she writes about food, fashion & fitness (and lots more in between) on her blog, Bloved Boston, and follow her @blovedboston on Twitter!

A guide to wedding veil lengths: choose your perfect style with these pros & cons!
by Biana Perez

For some brides wearing a veil on their wedding day is a no-brainer, but for others it's more of a process. Any bride considering wearing a veil on her big day will be answering questions like, "Does the length of the veil match with the venue where I'm getting married?""Does the wedding veil length match the style of my dress?" and most importantly: "Am I going to be wearing the veil all night, or will I take it off after the ceremony?". It doesn't matter if you're not sure what category you fit into, because this post will guide you into the direction of the right wedding veil length for you!

From the wedding infographic above, it's clear to see there are a variety of different veils to choose from. Today, I'm going to be delving into the five most common veil varieties and do what any bride does: go through a list of pros of each! That way you can obviously make the most informed decision without breaking a sweat. The best (and probably most cost effective) place to search for these types of veils is on Etsy, so I'll share the best Etsy retailers to buy your wedding veils from without breaking the bank!


The birdcage veil is understated and doesn't compete with you or your prom dress. You can easily take the veil off after you've taken some pictures or the after ceremony, and it fits perfectly with a vintage themed wedding! Just be careful when choosing this veil — since it sits very close to your eyes it can make it hard to blink, especially while wearing false lashes!

The birdcage veil above already comes with a crystal brooch to add the sparkle for your wedding day look.


You get beautiful flow from a fingertip veil, so it will undoubtedly look gorgeous in your pictures and while walking down the aisle. Keep in mind that it's unlikely you'll be keeping this on all night, since the length will interfere with hugging friends and family, and most importantly, dancing with your new spouse!

Photo by  OWD Jewelry

Photo by OWD Jewelry

The elbow length veil is the most flattering and goes universally with all wedding dresses. It's easy to wearing this veil for extended periods of time and you can even add layers to have a blusher for the ceremony, which you can later pull back to add volume for the reception. To me, there really aren't any cons with this length because of versatile this veil is! Whether you wear your hair up or down, you'll feel elegant and beautiful!

Photo by  Twigs & Honey

Photo by Twigs & Honey



With a waltz veil, you get the elegance of a cathedral length veil without the danger of someone stepping on your veil! The waltz veil definitely adds a touch of drama, and it also isn't as commonly worn as the other lengths which makes it a bit unique! This length falls right below the knee but above your ankle, so you can keep it on for your first dance (which is why it's called the "waltz" length!). The only con? Given that this length is a little more rare, it can be hard to find!

Photo by  Veiled Beauty

Photo by Veiled Beauty

Photo by  Daily Mail UK

Photo by Daily Mail UK

The mother of them all is the cathedral length veil! The visual impact and drama of walking down the aisle in a cathedral length veil is like none other, and the pictures are sure to be breathtaking. You might even be able to wrap your groom around your veil! Sadly, this veil does not lend itself well to being worn after the ceremony. This means if budget is an issue, you might want to steer clear of spending too much on this type of veil.

Photo by  Alisa Brides

Photo by Alisa Brides

As a former bride, I realize how scary it is to purchase things that will be worn for your wedding online. I took to Etsy myself for my own veil, and couldn't have been happier with the service that I got. Here's a tip — before purchasing your veil from the retailer, ask for a swatch of the fabric so that you can confirm it's a perfect match to your dress!

Now that you've seen the veils, what would your choice be? If you're already married, did you keep your veil on the entire time, or did you take it off after the ceremony? Let us know in the comments!

Biana Perez is a twenty-something newlywed that is quite simply giddy over weddings. She's co-owner of Bespoke Boston Weddings & Events in Boston and you can read along as she writes about food, fashion & fitness (and lots more in between) on her blog, Bloved Boston, and follow her @blovedboston on Twitter!

Five ways to incorporate fruit wedding decor into your big day
by Biana Perez

Tis the season for fresh fruit — you eat it, but have you ever thought to incorporate it into your wedding? Maybe you have if your last name is Lime (my best friend had a wonderful lime theme), or maybe peaches are your thing because you're getting married in Georgia! Either way, this unique wedding decor ideas is sure to make a statement!

I promise that after you finish seeing all these fun ways to incorporate fruit wedding decor in to your big day, you'll stop thinking of them as a food group and start thinking of fruit as a way to bring a fun new twist to your wedding decor!


The escort cards, aisle at the ceremony or even your sign in table are some of the first signs of what your guests can expect from your wedding! A little ode to the state you're getting married in or the the state you both fell in love in is a fun touch to start your wedding with!



You know how you ask the bartender for a twist of lime to go with that vodka soda you're drinking, well why not adorn the entire bar with limes and lemons to give some color to an otherwise forgotten area of your reception! If you're having an outdoor summer wedding, think about having infused water stations instead of mini bottled waters for each of your guests!



The easiest way to incorporate fruit into your wedding decor is with the centerpiece. Whether you use it as the holder for your table numbers or as the focal point on the table, it's another fun way to add a fresh touch to your decor. If you're a DIY bride this would be one of the easiest tasks on your to-do list!



We always think of fruit as part of dessert because it's sweet and so is your cake!! By adding it to the table around your cake stand or even within your cake, gives a little color to your usually white wedding cake!

Photo by  Hello Studio

Photo by Hello Studio



Skip something that your guests will more than likely forget about or even throw away and send them home with some fresh fruit! Not only is it a really cute favor, but you're doing something healthy for them too! They'll thank you!

Using fruit in your wedding can often times be more cost effective if you're looking to keep your budget in line! This of a bag of oranges at the store and now think of how pretty the vibrant orange would look on your tables, for a fraction of the cost of flowers!!

Now that you've seen these fun ways to add fruit to your wedding - do you think you'll do it?!

Biana Perez is a twenty-something newlywed that is quite simply giddy over weddings. She's co-owner of Bespoke Boston Weddings & Events in Boston and you can read along as she writes about food, fashion & fitness (and lots more in between) on her blog, Bloved Boston, and follow her @blovedboston on Twitter!

Wedding dresses with unique backs that make you say "Wow"!
by Biana Perez

A wedding dress is beautiful on it's own - the style is unlike anything you'll ever wear again! Purchasing a dress with a stunning back makes it even more gorgeous. And there's nothing we love more right now than wedding dresses with a unique back!

Walking down the aisle, your guests see the front of your stunning dress and as you walk past them, you surprise them with the undeniably beautiful detail on the back of the dress! The "forgotten" part of the dress if you will! Trust me, any of the below picks will not be forgotten!


If you have elements of lace in your dress why not bring it all the way around? Whether it's in the sleeves or a touch of lace that was added to straps, this is a delicate detail that gives off the right amount of femininity!

Photo by  Steve Eichner  via  Brides

Photo by Steve Eichner via Brides

If you're interested in this for your own wedding day look, check out some of these stunning gowns that give you that give you the lace effect!



I'm the first to admit that your wedding day isn't necessarily the day you should be showing everything off, but showing some skin isn't a bad idea! I'm sure you've spent endless hours at the gym to look great so you  might as well show it off!! You can dare to bare...just a little!

If you're a daring bride you'll love these gowns!

Photo by  Galia Lahav

Photo by Galia Lahav



Do you like a little bling? Well it's not just reserved for your jewelry anymore - add another touch of glamour to your wedding dress by accentuating the back of your dress with stones that will have you shining even more!

Check out some of these gorgeous gowns that won't outshine you!

Think about all the time you're going to be spending in that dress - why not make it look fantastic from 360 degrees?! It's time to show off those backs brides!! Would you dare for a more revealing look on your wedding day?


Biana Perez is a twenty-something newlywed that is quite simply giddy over weddings. Read along as she writes about food, fashion & fitness (and lots more in between) on her blog, Bloved Boston, and follow her @blovedboston on Twitter! Be inspired by Biana's posts here. 

Fun ways to incorporate ribbon wedding decor into your ceremony and reception
by Biana Perez

Photo by  Jose Villa  via  KT Merry

Photo by Jose Villa via KT Merry

I'm sure as you've started wedding planning you're thinking about ways that you can reign in your budget in areas that that you want to dress up, but may be overlooked by many of your guests — enter in ribbon wedding decor!!

Even though some might not think of ribbons as an accessory or unique decor idea to be included in a wedding, I promise after I share these great ways to incorporate them into your wedding day, you'll be jumping in the car to your nearest craft store!

1. Accessorize the ceremony

The part of your wedding that usually get's the least amount of love in your budget is the ceremony. You often find yourself cutting corners because guests won't really be in that space for too long - especially if it's in different location than your reception. Use ribbons to dress up the altar, the backs of chairs or even the backdrop of where you'll be saying your vows.


2. Dress up your flowers

Your flowers along with the bouquets that your bridesmaids are carrying don't necessarily get a ton of love after the ceremony, so dress them up for the pictures and the walk down the aisle. You can coordinate the ribbon to match the dresses or even go a little more customized with a thicker monogrammed ribbon that the girls can take home with them after the wedding!

Photo by  Saffron Avenue
Photo by  The Nicols

Photo by The Nicols


3. Unique reception options

Chairs are often times not the prettiest part of the decor and ribbons offer you a great chance to bring a little color and detail into an overlooked part of your reception. While planning my wedding the chairs were oddly enough something I fixated a lot of my time on and at the end of the day I still felt like they weren't how I wanted them to look! I really wish I would have gone with a creative idea such as hanging ribbons of the back to make them more whimsical! Even something so little as tying a ribbon to the escort card gives you a fun DIY touch to your wedding!

Even thought ribbons aren't necessarily expensive, they can offer a luxe look for less! I found two very different DIYs that could take your wedding day to the next level. If you wanted to share engagement pictures or perhaps even photos from family members on their wedding day - consider trying this hula hoop DIY. One that might need to be left up to the pros is this floral pergola, something that could be recreated by your florist!

Now that you've seen what can be done with ribbons, do you think you'd incorporate them into your wedding day?


Biana Perez is a twenty-something newlywed that is quite simply giddy over weddings. Read along as she writes about food, fashion & fitness (and lots more in between) on her blog, Bloved Boston, and follow her @blovedboston on Twitter! Be inspired by Biana's posts here. 

Bridal lingerie ideas and advice for the wedding day
by Biana Perez

Photo by  The Becker

Photo by The Becker

We are going to get a bit "cheeky" here today! Talking about bridal lingerie can be a hot topic, but picking what you wear under your wedding dress can be almost as important as the dress itself! With the explosion of boudoir photo shoots, what you wear underneath can now be seen..if you want it to be!

You've been showered with beautiful lingerie and wearing it is a must, but how? If you don't really need anything too over the top to keep you "in place" in your wedding dress, don't worry, because you can still get the pictures you want!

Assuming you're not too shy, there are some pretty fantastic photos you can take. Before the dress goes on, take some time to bask in your "bridal glow" and show off that lingerie.

These pictures aren't meant to be shared with your Facebook friends, but think of them as "just for him." If you want to keep things a bit more tame, a beautiful "bride" robe is just as beautiful and get's the lingerie feel across in photos!


What to keep in mind

What looks beautiful in pictures, doesn't always translate into comfort - we've all worn 5 inch heels and know the pain all too well!! A lot of wedding dresses come with attached bras inside and there really is no need for a corset!

Skip the pain of wearing it for 10+ hours and get some great photos before the dress goes on! When purchasing your lingerie either for the wedding day or that night, keep in mind what type of dress you have! The last thing you want is to look through your wedding photos and notice your hands are constantly adjusting your dress!!


Lingerie Favorites

[show_boutique_widget id="244133"]

Between Victoria Secret's bridal section, an exclusive bridal selection from BHLDN & the amazing pieces from Nordstrom you are sure to find something that is perfect for before you slip your wedding dress on! Just because your underwear on your wedding day might say "bride" or "MRS," that doesn't mean it'll be the only day you wear them!! You'll always be a bride to your husband!

When it comes to what lingerie you wear, choose something that you'll be comfortable in for a long period of time.


Biana Perez is a twenty-something newlywed that is quite simply giddy over weddings. Read along as she writes about food, fashion & fitness (and lots more in between) on her blog, Bloved Boston, and follow her @blovedboston on Twitter! Be inspired by Biana's posts here. 

Celebrity wedding hair inspiration: 3 gorgeous hairstyles inspired by the stars
by Biana Perez

Photo by  E! Online

Photo by E! Online

Celebrities can serve as a really great form of inspiration for brides! From red carpets events to even their own wedding day looks, celebrities offer a different take on some styles you may not have thought to try for yourself! When it comes to picking a wedding hairstyle, you have more options than just the ones you see on Pinterest and Bridal Magazines - just look to your favorite stars for the ultimate celebrity wedding hair inspiration!


Updo's aren't nearly as structured as they used to be. You can have a low chignon with intricate designs or a side swept hairstyle that leaves way for a gorgeous headpiece.  Choosing a wedding updo with your hair swept back allows for the focus to be on the beauty of you!

Photo by  Marie Claire

Photo by Marie Claire

Photo by  US Magazine

Photo by US Magazine

Photo by  Glamour

Photo by Glamour

If you want to see how you'd look with an updo for your wedding day check out this amazing style you can create in less than five minutes!!


Whether you're going for that old Hollywood glamour or want a more laid-back California beach look, celebrities have got you covered! From Blake Lively's gorgeous half up - half down look to Lauren Conrad's boho-chic hair, sometimes it's best to stick with what you know!

Photo by  Vogue

Photo by Vogue

Achieving these gorgeous waves doesn't have to be difficult! If this is a look you want to try at home check out this great tutorial for perfect waves!


If you want to take your hair to the next level on your wedding day adding the unexpected element of a braid can do just that. This is not only a fun look, but can undoubtedly be romantic if you decide to pair it with a gorgeous head piece. Instead of a flower crown, opt for a braided crown with beautiful babies breath thrown in.

Photo by  Elle Magazine

Photo by Elle Magazine

Photo by  Daily Makeover
Photo by  Cosmopolitan

Photo by Cosmopolitan

Photo by  US Weekly

Photo by US Weekly

Braided hairstyles can be a bit tricky to try on your own, but thankfully the ladies over at VeryHair have some of the best tutorials around, including this easy to follow half up, half down braided look!

The best piece of advice I received while prepping for my wedding was to do things that felt like "me." Meaning not to choose a hairstyle just because it looked pretty, but to choose a style that I would look back on in 10, 20 or even 30 years and say that was totally me! So if you're not a fan of how your hair looks pulled all the way back or up, odds are you won't really be too thrilled with the look for your wedding either.

Another important thing to keep in mind while choose a hairstyle is the style of your dress. If you have a beautiful neckline or gorgeous detailing on the back, you'd probably want to showcase that as well, so choose a hairstyle that aligns with that!

Is there a celebrity whose tresses you adore?! What style is your favorite for wedding day hair?


Biana Perez is a twenty-something newlywed that is quite simply giddy over weddings. Read along as she writes about food, fashion & fitness (and lots more in between) on her blog, Bloved Boston, and follow her @blovedboston on Twitter!

6 essential bridal beauty products to look amazing at your wedding
by Biana Perez

Your beauty regimen has been finely tuned throughout your engagement and you have probably spent months primping and making sure you feel your absolute best for your wedding day. Whether you are the DIY bride that wants to do her own makeup or have decided to leave it up to the professionals, there are six bridal beauty products that you want to make sure you have applied and are keeping with you before you're ready to walk down the aisle!


1. Primer

Talk to any beauty guru or makeup artist and they will hands down tell you that a primer is the first step you need to flawless makeup on your wedding day! Wearing a primer will help your makeup go on smoother and stay on longer. Don't forget the eye primer as well to make sure your eye shadow stays put!

Biana recommends:Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer ($52)


2. Waterproof Mascara

Even if you think you aren't the crying type, this day is sure to test your limits. It might be seeing your groom for the first time, or it might be that dance with your dad you've been dreaming of —something is sure to set off the waterworks! Be prepared with a smudge and budge proof mascara.

Make sure you try out a few different options before your big day so that you ensure there are no clumps. Even if you're planning on wearing false lashes, waterproof mascara on your real ones is a must!

Biana recommends:Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara ($32)


3. Long wear lipstick

You are going to be doing a lot of smooching on your wedding day, so make sure that lipstick you're wearing is not going to rub off on your new husband in all the photos!! You want something that is going to withstand a long day and doesn't dry out your lips.

There are so many great options on the market, but my favorites are definitely all of bite beauty lip crayons. Not only are they highly pigmented, but they are long lasting and wont rub off too easily. If you are getting your makeup done by a professional, make sure buy the lip color that they put on you so that you can match it after they have already left!

Biana recommends:Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil ($24)

Photo by  Clary Pfeiffer


4. Powder

After the concealer has been applied, you're ready to make sure it doesn't crack! This is where the powder comes in. It helps make sure everything stays in place. You'll notice a theme with your wedding makeup, you want everything to stay in place!

The powder is also good to have on hand after the ceremony, before pictures and even during the reception to touch up some spots in case your face starts to get a little damp from all the dancing you will be doing!

Biana recommends:Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder ($34)


5. Setting Spray

Now that all that makeup is in place you want to make sure that you set it. The primer that you put on is the base, and this can be thought of as your top coat. Not only does this keep your makeup looking fresh, but you're better equipped to handle the elements.

There are tons of setting sprays out there but my favorite is Urban Decay's All Nighter. Tip: Opt for the travel size option so that you can take it on your honeymoon with you as well since it's TSA approved!

Biana recommends:Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray ($14)


6. Hairspray

You've gone to great lengths (pun not intended) to make sure your tresses look their best and the worst is having those curls fall or having a few pesky stray hairs not stay in place! A great hairspray is needed long after your hair dresser is gone! My go-to and many of the celebrity hair dressers go-to is L'Oreal Paris, Elnett.

Biana recommends:L'Oreal Paris, Elnett ($12)

I decided to do my own makeup for my wedding and I could not have been happier with how it turned out. I did a lot of tutorials and watched a lot of YouTube videos, especially this one, to prepare for the big day and it really did work out well for me, especially since I had all of the above items!!

Regardless of what you decide to do one item you will definitely want to purchase is the Minimergency Kit. This has all the little things that you wont want to forget like breath freshener, floss & even a stain remover. Even if you don't use it all on your wedding day, it's a great little kit to have for any wedding you're in!

What beauty products were life savers for you on your wedding day? Is there anything you wish you didn't forget?

full lace wigs 
full lace wigs 

Biana Perez is a twenty-something newlywed that is quite simply giddy over weddings. Read along as she writes about food, fashion & fitness (and lots more in between) on her blog, Bloved Boston, and follow her @blovedboston on Twitter!