5 Pin-worthy & unique wedding ideas | Vol. 2
by Stephanie

Admit it -- you were looking forward to this week's list of the 5 coolest & most Pin-worthy, unique wedding ideas, weren't you? In case you missed last week, we're kicking off an awesome series where we find the coolest wedding ideas on the web...and bring them right to you in a blog post! That way, you don't have to go searching around the internet for the unique wedding ideas to incorporate into your own big day. Cool, right?

So sit back, relax, and enjoy. These wedding ideas are the best of the best this week, so you won't want to miss out on them! Whether you incorporate one idea or all of them, the key is to make sure you're making your special day uniquely about you and your fiancé(e), so do what feels right, and enjoy how wowed guests are by these bright ideas!

1. A cool potted plant seating chart idea (above)

Seating charts are a a key part of your wedding day that not only greets your wedding guests, but can help to set the tone and make a statement that they'll remember for the rest of your wedding day and beyond! We love this idea of using potted plants to help guide guests to their seats. Plus, the pretty plants double as decor in of themselves. How awesome is that?


2. A hanging flower ceremony backdrop

While we're on the topic of flowers making a big statement at your wedding day, what about this gorgeous idea? It was love at first sight when we discovered this pretty little photo on Pinterest. Hanging wedding decor is always a good idea, and can be affordable while making a visual impact. For example, this backdrop is mainly fishing line and carnation blooms. Who knew carnations could be so beautiful?


3. Or better yet, a shaped ceremony backdrop with flowers

Isn't this jaw-dropping? Okay, this is the last wedding flower decor idea, we promise. But we couldn't help including this in our lineup of most unique wedding ideas this week! These gorgeous ruby red flowers were woven into a heart shape with rustic branches. The backdrop makes for a gorgeous photo! While you'll definitely have to turn to a professional to help you out with achieving this look, it's definitely a worthwhile decor idea if you have the resources to make it happen!


4. Ruby red flowers

Nothing brings on pretty holiday cheer like ruby red accents, and these cranberry colored flowers are the perfect way for a winter bride to incorporate the season without it coming off campy. The deep rich tones are beautiful but not overpowering, and are sure to make a big impression on your guests!


5. Glittery mini champagne party favors

It's not a proper party without champagne! Give your guests an extra bubbly pick me up at the end of the night by gifting champagne as your wedding favors! Just add glitter and a paper straw and voila! Perfect for the after party, don't you think?

What cool and unique wedding ideas will you be incorporating into your wedding day, brides? Tell us what will set your wedding day apart in the comments, and make sure to follow us on Pinterest for even more unique wedding ideas!