6 Unbelievably Fun Printed Bridesmaid Dress Styles That Will Give Your Wedding a Unique Edge
by Lauren Sinton

Lately brides have been experimenting with what their bridesmaids are wearing in their wedding instead of the traditional solid color matching dresses, and we love it! With all the new trends though it can definitely be hard to decide what your favorite girls should wear. I wanted to take a close look at one my favorite new trends, printed bridesmaid dresses! I absolutely love the idea of adding patterns to bridesmaid dresses. If you are going with a more subdued color scheme for your big day, printed bridesmaid dresses can be a fun way to add a pop of color or an eye catching look. Hopefully looking closer at this new trend will help you decide what your ladies should wear.

Once you have picked out some awesome patterned dresses for your bridesmaids it can be tough to decide exactly how to accessorize. What I would recommend when picking accessory colors is to find ones that complement yet contrast your girls dresses. For example, if they wear really bright floral dresses than I would recommend picking a nude or pastel color that can be found in their dress. If your girls are wearing two toned stripes or polka dots with more subdued coloring I would suggest picking a fun bold and bright color for accessories. Whatever you chose be sure to have fun with it and I am sure your girls will look gorgeous on your wedding day.

FLORALS are a fun choice for a printed bridesmaid dress! With all of the flowers in the wedding it would be fun to pair your florals with your favorite ladies dresses.

MISTMATCHED printed bridesmaid dresses are a good way to go if you can't decide what your ladies should wear. This way they could pick between florals, dots, or stripes to add a fun pop to your wedding! You could always pick the same print, and then let them wear mismatched styles if you want!



are a fun way to add a more subdued pop of pattern to your wedding. This way you will still have the classic solid color look in the skirt with a fun pop of pattern and color on top!


are fun while still remaining more classic and elegant than more colorful prints such as florals. Stripes are a style that in many ways is like a solid dress in that it will look timeless in photos for years to come.

Photo by  Tessa Barton

Photo by Tessa Barton

Photo by  Tessa Barton

Photo by Tessa Barton


are a fun and playful choice for a bridesmaid dress. Polka dots can be dressed down or up for either an elegant or casual affair! They are definitely a fun choice.

Photo by  HEATHER HESTER  via  Ruffled

Photo by HEATHER HESTER via Ruffled



is a choice for a daring bride, but also happens to be one of my favorites! It adds such a fun pop of color and design to your wedding that will definitely make your ladies stand out on your special day!

After looking through all of these fun gorgeous printed bridesmaid dress choices I am considering having my girls wear them too! What do you think? Will you dare to bring print to your wedding? Or are you going to keep your bridesmaids style more subdued? Let us know, we would love hear from you!

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