Cold Weather Engagement Photos: Your Outfit Guide!
by Jess Keys

There seem to be two types of brides-to-be in this world: those who revel in planning every detail of their engagement photos and those who definitely...don’t. Regardless which camp you fall into, we can all agree that planning an engagement session can become significantly more stressful when the temperatures drop.

Yep, we know the thoughts running through your head: “Wait, do I have to wear a puffy coat? Who looks cute in that?” or, “Is my fiancé going to be a good sport about freezing his you-know-what off for the sake of a good photo?"

Rest assured, these are all normal thoughts. And we're here to ease your worries and ensure you ace your engagement session this season. (Yes, even though it could very well be below freezing.) We chatted with our friend and wedding photographer, Cassandra Eldridge, to put together our best tips & tricks for shooting cold weather engagement photos. So pour yourself a glass of wine, and get ready to take some notes!

1. Layers, layers, layers.

 Photo by Photo by  Laura Ivanova  via  Style Me Pretty

Photo by Photo by Laura Ivanova via Style Me Pretty

Layers are important for two reasons: they add warmth (obviously), but they’re also the key to making any outfit more remarkable! Layering on a button down in a thicker fabric, like flannel or denim will keep the chill at bay and add a seasonal look to your photos. Then choose a sweater, jacket, vest, or scarf (or all of them!) to keep you toasty. Wearing a dress or skirt? Wear some thick knee socks, or cable-knit tights. Try varying your patterns and textures for added visual interest!

Get the look:

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2. Pick a pop of color

If you feel like the thought of bundling up is making you sacrifice some of your personal style, look for warm layers in a bright colors. "Don't be afraid to be out of the box with a colorful coat," says Cassandra. A bright, cheery hue goes a long way to add some punchy personality to your photos!

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3. Opt for a belt to create a waist amid layers

Let's be honest, warm clothes are bulky. And we're not about to let any bride feel bulky in her engagement photos! A simple solution? Wear a belt! Whether it's a belted coat or a thin belt over your cardigan, this simple trick will create a defined waistline and won't leave you worrying whether those extra layers are looking like extra pounds in your photographs. 

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4. When in doubt, choose boots.

 Photo by  KT Merry

Photo by KT Merry

If your shoot involves trekking through fields, braving the rain or frolicking in the snow, boots are definitely our recommended shoe of choice. Regardless of what type of look you're going for, be it city chic, or an outdoorsy love affair, there are a pair of boots waiting for you with your name on them. Why? Nobody wants cold feet (literally) during their engagement session—it will be easy to see on film!

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5. Bring a blanket

A thick blanket will go a long way to keep you warm, and it makes for some gorgeous, intimate photos. What's better than being wrapped up in a cozy blanket with the love of your life? Probably nothing, other than being wrapped up in a cozy blanket with the love of your life with a professional there to capture the moment on film!

6. Hot chocolate makes an adorable prop!

Remember when you were a kid, freezing in the snow, and the only thing that could warm you was a big cup of hot chocolate? It's the ultimate weapon in battling the cold. But what you probably didn't realize is that it makes an absolutely adorable prop. What's more romantic than sharing a big cup of hot cocoa in the snow? Customize it with your wedding date for an adorable "save the date" announcement.

7. Add a cute topper

A cute hat is also an easy way to keep toasty add some stylish personality to your photos! It will also keep your hair under control if the wind picks up. (Nobody wants rats nest in their engagement photos, right?) Extra points if you can get your beau to rock one, too!

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8. If all else fails, pick an indoor location that means something to you!

Did you two meet in a bar? Do you have a favorite museum? What about that coffee shop you two frequent on the weekends? Whether you know it or not, there's likely an indoor location somewhere that holds some significance in your relationship. Write a few of them down and keep them in your back pocket in case the weather goes south, or you simply just need to warm up!

Are you planning for a cold weather engagement session? Tell us what you think!

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