24 Creative Photo Ideas to Announce Your Engagement
by Emily Charron

Photo by  Connie Dai

Photo by Connie Dai

“Will you marry me?” was asked, “Yes” was proclaimed, and now a beautiful ring sits on your left finger as you prepare to walk down the aisle with the man of your dreams. You can’t wait to tell the world, and rightfully so! But, before you upload the first snap you can get your hands on, why not have a plan to make that announcement more personal and different?

Here are some easy photo ideas that you and your fiance can take for your engagement announcement on social media. Warning: some involve lots of champagne. It’s time for celebration, after all!

Use old love notes.

  • Grab an old love note that you wrote him, and one that he wrote you, and take a photo of you both holding the other’s old love note.

Make a heart.

  • Use your thumbprints. One print should face upwards to the left, and one should face upwards to the right, both joining at the “bottom” of the heart.
  • Stand where you just got engaged. Take a “selfie” of you kissing one another, while each of your hands are stretched toward the camera to create heart in front of you.
  • Take a ton of selfies while using your arms & hands to create a heart. Edit the photos together afterwards to make one photo.
Creative Photo Ideas to Announce Your Engagement
Creative Photo Ideas to Announce Your Engagement

Pop some champagne! (The more bubbles the better.)

  • Have someone snap a shot of the two of you saying an excited “Cheers!” with two flutes.
  • Shake the bottle a little before popping the cork. Once you pop the cork, have the champagne “raining” down on you as you kiss.

For the coffee lovers.

  • Grab two mugs and make it personal! Write “Mr.” on the cup for the groom, and “Mrs.” on the other. Hold your cup with your left hand so that your ring is proudly displayed!
  • Write your to-be married name on one cup (i.e. Mr. and Mrs. Charron) and jointly hold the cup while sneaking a kiss in the background.

Chalk it up.

  • Write “I said yes” on the pavement. Lay down together next to it, holding hands and looking at one another, while someone takes the photo from top-down.
  • Write “We’re getting married” with chalk in large letters, leaving the “M” in "Married" out. When it’s time to take the picture, lay where the “M” should be, holding hands. The two of you there will create the “M”.

Get a little sandy

  • On the beach? Perfect. Write your announcement in the sand!
  • Take your hand and make a hand print. Place your ring “on” the left finger. Snap a picture of your sandy handprint with the ring on.
  • Walk in the sand together, moving away from the camera. Have someone grab the photo of your feet marks in the sand, with you walking together in the background.

Make it seasonal

  • Fall - Go to an apple orchard and take a photo in front of a handmade sign that says, “I pick you.”
  • Winter – Take a picture of you both under falling snow, writing “We fell hard & now we’re engaged!” in the snow in front of you.
  • Spring – If the rain is falling hard on your engagement day, rejoice! Rainy days make fabulous photos. Stand under an umbrella together while kissing!
  • Summer - Grab a beautiful bouquet and a cute tag. Write, “Our love keeps growing. We’re engaged!” on the tag and take a photo with you both holding the bouquet together.

Use your favorite drinks

  • Martini + whiskey on the rocks? Vodka & soda + Beer? Whatever the combo, take a photo of you both sipping on your favorite drink to cheers your engagement.
  • To mix it up and make it fun, sip on one another’s favorite drink!

All about the ring

  • To make your ring the focal point, why not write on your fingers and take a photo that (literally) says, "I said yes". (It's perfect if you make two fists!)
  • Have your groom hold the ring outstretched toward the camera in one hand, while holding your hand in the other. This will create a fun perspective of the proposal for all those that weren't there.

For the technology lovers

  • Use your phones! Grab a close-up of you kissing him, and him kissing you, and pull up on your phones. Hold out both phones toward the camera to create a “photo within a photo” image.
Photo by  Paul Wharton

Photo by Paul Wharton

Have your dog do the talking

  • There’s nothing more adorable than tying in your dog to the announcement! Take a photo of your shiny new ring on the tip of your dog’s nose.
  • Put a sign around your dogs neck that says, "Mom & dad are getting married!"

We know what you're thinking. "The above ideas are cute, but I want to tell the world right away and don't want to set up a photo!"  After all, some of these ideas will take a little more effort than the outstretched-hand-with-ring-on-it photo we all know and love. But, that may just be the perfect scenario! Posting online right away means you may not have gotten the chance to call all those closest to you, and it also often means a triage of wedding questions thrown your way that can lead to stress. Plus, there's nothing like setting your phone down while you're in the moment to soak it all in with your new fiance.

Readers, are there any other fun ideas that you can add the list? Be sure to leave your input in the comments below - we’re all ears!

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