Modern Options for Mother and Son Dance Songs
by Emily Charron

 Mother and Son Dance Songs

Mother and Son Dance Songs

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Let’s all level set for a moment. Finding a song for the mother/son dance is actually pretty hard. Sure, there are the lovely and always classic options of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” or “God Only Knows”, but most love songs strongly veer toward the romantic variety, particularly when looking at modern day options.

But fear not, grooms to be. You’ve come to the right place to find inspiration for your mother/son first dance choice. You see, there are actually a lot of options if you listen hard enough. Many love songs can serve a dual purpose. From teachings about love itself, to a reminder that your mom will always be there for you, below are some mother and son dance songs that would work perfectly. We’ve even added in accompanying “notable lyrics” to help paint the picture further.


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  • Build Me Up From Bones by Sarah Jarosz

    • I held every inch of you // I wrote every line for you // I made time when time was all but gone // You’re the love I’ve always known.

    • Dreamer by Isbells

      • Dreamer, every time you star gaze // The whole world is lying at your feet // Well, your prayers will be heard // The moment you start believing // Cherish every single day // When fortune is showing you the way // Well your prayers will be heard // Angel will come to sing // The moment you start believing.


  • Just To See You Smile by Tim McGraw

    • Just to see you smile, I’d do anything that you wanted me to. // When all is said and done, I’d never count the cost // It’s worth all that’s lost // Just to see you smile.

    • My Wish by Rascal Flatts

      • My wish for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to // Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small // You never need to carry more than you can hold // And while you’re out there getting where you’re getting to // I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too

      • God’s Been Good To Me by Keith Urban

        • Oh the sun is shinin’ on down in Tennessee // And right now I’m right where I want to be // I’ve never felt so loves, so peaceful and so free // Hey there ain’t no doubt that God’s been good to me


  • Love Is A Verb by John Mayer

    • Love is a verb // It ain’t a thing // It’s not something you own, it’s not something you scream // When you show me love, I don’t need your words // Yeah love ain’t a thing // Love is a verb

    • Keep Your Head Up by Ben Howard

      • Keep your head up, keep your heart strong // Keep your mind set, keep your hair long // Keep your head up, keep your heart strong // Keep your mind set in your ways, keep your heart strong.

      • 93 Million Miles by Jason Mraz

        • Oh, my my how beautiful, oh my beautiful mother // She told me, “Son in life you’re gonna go far, and if you do it right you’ll love where you are. // Just know, that wherever you go, you can always come home.”


  • Sweet Child O Mine by Taken By Trees

    • She’s got a smile that it seems to me // Reminds me of childhood memories // Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky

    • True Colors by Ane Brun

      • I see your true colors shining through // I see your true colors, that’s why I love you. // I see your true colors // And that’s why I love you // So don’t be afraid to let them show // Your true colors are beautiful like a rainbow

Of course, in a list of new songs to peruse, we’d be remiss to leave out a few modern day songs that you absolutely should never consider as a mother & groom dance song. Ever.


  • Fancy by Iggy Azalea

    • We know you’re the “realest”, but your mom won’t know how to pronounce Iggy’s name, much less do the crib walk on the dance floor.

    • XO by Beyonce

      • Okay, yes, you love your mom like “XO”. Hugs and kisses aside, any song that mentions turning the lights down low is completely off limits.

      • Happy by Pharrell

        • We know, you’re really happy. We’re happy for you. Just do everyone a favor and save this tune for later in the when everyone can clap along with you. Or else it’ll get a bit awkward.

Readers – we want to hear your input! What other modern song suggestions do you think would make great mother/son dance songs at a wedding? Comment below to share your ideas!

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