What’s trending in weddings: the weekly roundup, Vol. 1
by Stephanie

trending in weddings
trending in weddings

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Holy cow! Is it Friday already? Well, that week sure did fly by fast. If this week was a little too hectic for you to keep tabs on what's trending in weddings, don't worry. We got you covered with the latest and greatest in bridal news because hey -- it's kinda our job. Here's what you missed:

Another April means another Bridal Market, come and gone. (Bridal Marketing being the NYFW for wedding designers, that is). Here's sneak peeks into new collections and gorgeous dresses to get you excited for 2014. (Via Glamour).

Ginnifer Goodwin: Married! Happily ever after does, as it turn out, happen in real life. This past weekend Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas of the TV series Once Upon a Time (where actually they co-star as Snow White and Prince Charming) got hitched in an intimate 30-person ceremony. (Via EOnline).

What would you do if your favorite celebrity crashed your bridal shower? While it seems far fetched, apparently this stuff happens in real life. This past weekend, Taylor Swift attended a superfan's shower by surprise. Even better? She actually brought a gift. Read on here at Glamour to see what she gifted the bride to be...

Apparently the newest bridal beauty trend is wearing no makeup at all. That's right; more and more brides are opting to go barefaced for their big day. See why that is with this inside scoop from NY Magazine.

Best. Save the Date. Ever. At least, that's what we thought when we saw this glam movie trailer-like video announcing a trendy SF couple's happy news. Think Sex and The City meets a Michael Bay movie trailer. Yeah. (Via The Lovely Bay).