8 Creative Things To Do With Your Wedding Photos!
by Alisha Vidal

So your big day has come and gone leaving you happily married with a handful of stunning photos. What's your next move? Sure you could stick those lovely prints in a regular frame or update your Facebook profile picture, but why not go one step further? Today we present you with 8 creative ways to display your wedding photos. We tried to include something for everyone so we hope you find a project that suits you!

Art Lover:

1. Canvas Prints - Put your close up shots on canvas to show off the unique details of your wedding and give a romantic vibe to any room.

weddingpicsThe Paper Mystique

2. Artsy Portrait- Order a custom drawn wedding portrait for a truly unique piece.

pics8Jolly Edition

3. Hand Painted Wedding Ornaments - How cute are these? Perfect for commemorating your first year as Mr. and Mrs.!


Callaway Gable Studio


4. Future Something Old - Prepare for your little girls big day by making one of these bouquet charms with your wedding picture.

wedding pics3


5. Peek-A-Boo Memories - Line your favorite clutch with fun wedding pictures to keep the loving spirit of your wedding day with you wherever you go!



6. Thank You Cards - Make your thank you cards that much more meaningful by including a sweet wedding shot.


 Kikikins Design

Tech Savvy:

7. Sticky Gram - Jazz up any metal surface with some awesome Sticky Gram magnets featuring your best wedding snapshots!

pic9Sticky Gram

8. Dress Up Your iPad - Feel loved every time you go to work with one of these adorable custom ipad covers.

pic11PR Web

Will you be taking on any of these fun picture projects? If you do, send us a picture via twitter so we can share in the wedding photo awesomeness!


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