Monogram Your Wedding!

Want to add some personal touches to your wedding?  Check out these different ways to monogram your wedding!

Burlap Aisle Runner with Monogram

This gorgeous aisle runner is the perfect way to walk down the aisle toward a bright and happy future!

Circle Monogram Wedding Banner

 Announce the coming of the bride in a chic and stylish way when you incorporate this personalized wedding banner into your processional.

Personalized Mason Jar Assortment

 These personalized mason jars are perfect for adding a custom touch to everything from centerpieces to favor tables and beyond.

Personalized Burlap Table Runner

For an elegant yet natural look, this personalized burlap table runner is just the ticket.  Check out the matching personalized burlap silverware holders and wine bag below.

Personalized Burlap Wine Bag

Cover a wine bottle in style and accent the tables with this personalized burlap wine bag.  Looks great with the matching table runner and silverware holders!

Personalized Burlap Silverware Holders

 These personalized burlap silverware holders add just the right amount of sentiment to your already warm and inviting reception tables.  Looks great with the matching table runner and wine bag!

Acrylic Monogram Cake Topper

This acrylic monogram cake topper sits beautifully on top of any wedding cake!

Monogrammed Toasting Flutes

These classically styled glasses are ideal for your wedding toast!

Classic Monogram Signature Frame

This classic monogram signature frame will never gather dust on a shelf like typical guest books—display it in your home for years to come.

WedPics App Featured Wedding Couple: Ashley & Eric

Congrats to Ashley & Eric, recent newlyweds who have been kind enough to share their wedding journey with our blog!  Hear from them on planning their wedding, drawing inspiration and their one piece of advice to future newlyweds!

1) Was WedPics a part of your special day?

We did use WedPics for our wedding and we loved it!!  It was so cool to go back a few days later and see what our guests uploaded to the app for us.  We chose to use WedPics because we wanted our guests to be involved in our big day and show us little pieces that maybe we didn’t get to see.  We loved it!!  I now recommend it to any brides I talk to!


2) If you could choose just one, what was your favorite moment from the wedding weekend?

Seeing my future husband Eric for the first time during our first look.  He turned around and his eyes just lit up when he saw me.  I couldn’t have asked for a better moment.

3) What traditions did you choose to use for your wedding and which ones did you go out of your way to leave out?

We chose to say traditional older vows just like our grandparents and great-grandparents had done, but we left out the unity candle and instead wrote letters to each other to be opened on our 5-year anniversary.  We placed them in a custom wine box purchased from a vineyard in Traverse City, Michigan on a trip we took there.  We chose to have a first-look instead of waiting to see each other before the wedding and we don’t regret it at all.  We got some amazing pictures and seeing each other took away any nerves.

4) What kind of personal touches did you add to your wedding?

The flowers were especially personal because they were all done by my mother, who is a florist.  We had her put little charms in each of the groomsmen boutonnieres that represented their personalities.  The ring bearers had Lego men in theirs. I also designed and printed the programs and menus myself, just a little piece of my graphic design background.    The custom individual cake stands and custom wooden place settings were made by my grandfather and I lettered them individually for all 200-guests.  Our cake topper was actually two wooden letters, A & E, made by the Wampanoag Indians, which we purchased from a special store on Martha’s Vineyard on a trip there during our engagement. We also added two, small fondant figures of a Michigan State Spartan and a Duke Blue Devil representing our favorite teams. Our tables were named for places we had been to together.  We marked each of them with a framed photo of us at that place.

5) If you could give one piece advice for future couples planning their wedding, what would that be?

Really take time to enjoy the day and get things done ahead of time!!  We did a lot of the little touches ourselves, and when we finished we stored them in Rubbermaid tubs labeled until we needed them.  It was so much easier to set up the day before and a lot less stressful knowing things were done so far in advance.


Congrats Ashley & Eric!  If you were recently married and would like to be featured on our blog, email us at!

By WedPics : The #1 Wedding App for your special day

Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Nothing beats your wedding day photos, especially the ones captured with WedPics, but don’t miss out on these adorable ways to treasure your guests’ well wishes!

Antique Book Wishing Well

This box makes a fabulous addition to a centerpiece or guest book table and can be used as a decorative accent for years to come.

Mini Suitcase Wishing Well

 This mini suitcase works well as a container for well wishes and keepsakes for any travel theme or destination wedding.

Paper Airplane Wishing Well Notes

 Use this stationery as part of a wishing well setup at the reception.

Message In A Bottle

Have guests place their well wishes into this fun, personalized message in a bottle!

Lovebirds Canvas Signature Frame

Let your guests proclaim their best wishes from the treetops with this lovebirds canvas signature frame. Simply invite guests to sign it on your big day then hang it in your home and admire it all the days after!

16 Personalized Wedding Party Favors For Guests


Say thank you to your guests for sharing in your special day with these unique, custom wedding favor ideas!

Personalized Mini Mint Pack

Show your guest that you and your partner are “mint” to be with these personalized mini mint packets.  You can pick different images, colors, patterns, and font styles!

Personalized Coffee Favors

Keep love brewing with personalized coffee favors.  You can pick different images, colors, patterns, and font styles!

Throw in a little something extra with a Heart-Shaped Coffee Scoop.

Gourmet Tea Tins 

Each lovely tea tin contains 20 tea sachets.

Dove Plantable Wildflower Seed Favor

Set a different kind of dove free with this plantable wildflower seed card.

Personalized Plantable Herb Seed Card

Savor every moment with plantable herb seed cards. 

Vintage Key Bottle Opener

Invite your guests to open up their hearts (and bottles) to help you celebrate your big day.

Mini Square Personalized Candles 

Fan love’s flames with these eye-catching mini square personalized candles.

Oil & Vinegar with Personalized Labels

Opposites attract, and so do these mini oil and vinegar favors!


Share the sweetness of love with these mini personalized honey jars.

Tuxedo and Wedding Gown Bottle Koozie  

Keep your guests’ drinks cold with these adorable tuxedo and wedding gown bottle koozies.

Mini Pie Packaging Kits

This adorable kit includes everything you need to beautifully wrap and present 20 miniature pies.

Lemongrass French Soaps

The clean, fresh aroma of lemongrass and rich lather makes these mini soap favors a timeless favorite.


Spread the love with these cute personalized jars of jam.

Cotton Candy

Sweeten up your wedding with these adorable and tasty cotton candy treats!

Fortune Cookies

Share your good fortune with these personalized fortune cookies.

Cartoon Cookies 

These vanilla-flavored cookies are designed to look just like a caricature of you and your special someone.

Top 10 Reasons To Use WedPics App Over #Hashtags For Your Wedding

When it comes to collecting wedding photos from all of your guests, you have many options.  Some, not so great.  Some, not so private.  Some, not so convenient.   With WedPics wedding app, spend more enjoying the memories and less time chasing them down!  Here’s 10 Reasons to opt for WedPics (Free) over other #hashtag alternatives:


Simple DIY Wedding Centerpieces Using Wine Bottles


Don’t throw out those empty glass bottles!  ”Upcycle” them into chic vases and candleholders by adding yarn, twine, paint, and/or glitter.  We love the look of different size bottles grouped together.  Mix and match colors and textures with candles, flowers, or a collection of both for a stylish centerpiece.

Yarn Bottle
(see original article at Wedding Chicks)

1)  First, you will want to remove your glass bottle labels so that you can’t see them peeking through. Submerge your bottles in hot water.  After they have soaked for a while you can peel off the labels pretty easily.  For any stubborn bits or remaining goo, pour a couple drops of olive oil onto a paper towel and rub at the remaining residue from the label. Make sure to wash your bottle afterward to get the oil off.  If you need something stronger try Goo Gone.

2)  When your bottle is clean and dry you can begin wrapping it.  Starting at the top of your bottle, apply a tiny dab of hot glue, just under the edge. Press your yarn into the glue horizontally, leaving a tail-end. Point the tail-end downward and start wrapping…as you wrap you will hide the end! You will want each layer of yarn to rest closely to the next, without any room in between. Try playing with different tensions to see what works best.

3)  When you get to the curve, you may need to ease up slightly on the tension, or apply small dabs of glue to the bottle to hold the yarn in place, depending on the angle that the bottle curves outward.

4)  Continue down the bottle until you reach the bottom. Apply another small dab of glue along the base, and once the yarn is set, snip the end.

5)   This method will create a clean and smooth look. For a less symmetric, more organic look, let your yarn overlap and bunch up in various directions.

Now, fill your bottle with one or several beautiful blooms, trimming your stems so that the blooms sprout right above the opening of the bottle and are staggered at different heights.

Twine Bottle
(same instructions as above)
Glitter Bottles
(see original article at Jenny On The Spot)

See the original article at Jenny On The Spot (and for other great ideas!)

What you’re going to need:  
- Glossy, acrylic sealer
- Fine grit sand paper
- Empty wine bottle(s)
- Glitter

1)  Rub the bottle with sand paper so that the adhesive has something to hold on to

2)  In a well-ventilated area, lay your sanded bottle on a covered surface, spray with adhesive, and generously sprinkle glitter.  Don’t spray it all at once… do it in parts

3)  Turn your bottle (gently) and repeat. Spray adhesive. Generously glitter. Spray adhesive. Generously glitter. Spray adhesive. Generously glitter.

4)  Once you’ve gone all the way around your bottle, look for thin spots, missed spots, or spots that make you crazy. Spray adhesive and add more glitter as needed.  Stand it up and let dry.

Painted Bottles
(see original article at Ruffled Blog)

1)  First, you will want to remove the bottle labels and then clean and dry your bottles (see Step 1 of the Yarn Bottles for how to).

2)  Next cover a hard surface outside and place bottles on the surface.

3)  Spray one thin, even coat of spray paint on each bottle.  Make sure you are not holding the can too close to the bottle or the paint will get on too thick and start to drip.

4)  Give the bottles time to dry between coats and apply additional coats as needed.  This amount of time will vary—be sure to check the can label for specific dry time instructions.

5)  Be sure to pick up the bottle and spray around the bottom edge so no glass is showing through. Then do a quick spray at the very top of the bottle. Leave bottles out to dry in a shaded place.

6)  Voila! You now have beautiful vases or candle holders for your centerpieces.

17 Fun & Creative Wedding Cake Ideas


We couldn’t resist sharing these fun & outside-the-box ideas on tiered wedding cakes! From breakfast goodies, to cookies, to ice cream and other delights, practically any favorite sweet treat can be made into a wedding cake. Let your imagination (and your taste buds) run wild!

Donut Cake
Photo by Meaghan Elliott Photography

Cream Puff Cake
Photo by Tea Lily Photography

Cupcake Wedding Cake

Oreo Wedding Cake
Photo by Andi Mans Photography

Cake Pops

Rice Krispy Cake
Via The Butter End Bakery

Wedding Cheesecake
Via La Creme Patisserie

Crepe Cake
Photo by Lavender & Twine Photography

Waffle Wedding Cake
Via The Kitchn

Macaroon Wedding Cake
Via Charlotte’s Fancy

Brownie Wedding Cake
Via Wedding Bee (left) & Martha Stewart Weddings (right)

Cannoli Wedding Cake

Mini Wedding Cakes
Via Oak Leaf Cakes

Strawberry Wedding Tower
Via Engaged & Inspired Events

Ice Cream Cone Tower
Photo by Photos by Jay

Chocolate Chip Cookie Wedding Cake
Via Chic Vintage Brides

Naked Wedding Cake
Photo by Claire Sloan Photography

WedPics App Featured Wedding Couple: Rachelle & Andrew

Congrats to Rachelle & Andrew, recent newlyweds who have been kind enough to share their wedding journey with our blog!  Hear from them on planning their wedding, drawing inspiration and their one piece of advice to future newlyweds!

1) Was WedPics a part of your special day?

YES! We used it starting with all the planning and wedding events leading up to the actual wedding. Wedpics was very easy to use. I utilized the cards provided by Wedpics and sent them out with our Save The Dates. They were placed on tables at our Wedding Shower. During the wedding, it was great to see people uploading live pictures from angles our photographer did not get a chance to get.

2) If you could choose just one, what was your favorite moment from the wedding weekend?

My favorite moment was when I first saw my groom and the moment I reached him after walking the aisle he says, “You look beautiful.”

3) What traditions did you choose to use for your wedding and which ones did you go out of your way to leave out?


We did the traditional Catholic wedding along with the Filipino traditional money dance. We included the Russian “gorka” since my husband is half Russian. We opted to combine the mother/son, father/daughter dance in order to not drag on the reception.

4) What kind of personal touches did you add to your wedding?

Our table numbers and escort cards were designed with Andrew’s Air Jordan shoe collection in mind.

5) If you could give one piece advice for future couples planning their wedding, what would that be?


RELAX, it will all fall into place.


Congrats Rachelle & Andrew!  If you were recently married and would like to be featured on our blog, email us at!

Spring Wedding Ideas – Love Is In the Air


Spring is the perfect time for the new adventure that marriage brings!  It is a time of rebirth and renewal with so many beautiful elements to inspire your wedding.

Wedding Party Attire

When considering spring wedding party attire, keep in mind that the weather can be quite unpredictable.  Your bridesmaids may be perfectly fine in short, sleeveless dresses, or you may want to give them wraps for a chilly spring evening.  Lacy and pastel colored dresses are classic choices for spring.

We love the look of these mismatched pastel dresses

Photo via Etsy

Seersucker dresses & suits are a lightweight choice and come in a rainbow of colors.

Lighter colored suits and tuxes work wonderfully for spring.


Wedding Dresses

Most any wedding dress style can be  made for spring.  But, if you’re feeling adventurous, spring is the perfect time to do a pastel wedding dress.  These blush wedding gowns are gorgeous!


Wedding Decorations

Channel the cheery feeling of spring with décor inspired by nature.  We love birdcages, fun color combinations, terrariums, lots of flowers, and romantic flowing ribbons and fabrics.


Wedding Flowers

Choosing flowers that are in season is both economically and environmentally friendly.  Flowers in season include:


Calla Lilies
Via UponALoveStory

Via Pinterest


Photo by Braedon Photography via


Wedding Favors

Tell your guests “Thank You” for supporting the growth of your love with wedding favors of seed packets or flower bulbs.

Jars of honey are also a super sweet way to share your love.


Wedding Cake

Make your wedding cake extra springy by topping it with flowers (real, sugar, or faux), birds, or butterflies.

Via via

Via Etsy


By WedPics : The #1 Wedding App for your special day

WedPics App Featured Wedding Couple: Danielle & Robert


Congrats to newlyweds Danielle & Robert!  Hear from them on their wedding journey, their experience using WedPics App as well as their one piece of advice to other couples getting married!

Photo by Angela of LA Budget Wedding Photographers


1) If you could choose one, what was your favorite part of the wedding?


Aside from the obvious, BECOMING MRS. ROBERT SMITH!!!! My favorite moment from our wedding weekend was EVERY moment spent with our loved ones. We live in San Antonio now but we were born and raised in California so that is where we had our wedding. The smart thing to do was stay in a hotel close to the wedding venue and have our family and wedding party stay there as well. Every moment shared during that weekend was unforgettable because we don’t get to spend that sort of time with them anymore being that we all live in different states now.

Photo by Angela of LA Budget Wedding Photographers


2) Did you use WedPics for your wedding?  Tell us a little bit about why you chose to use Wedpics and how did it work out for you?

Yes, we used the WedPics app. We chose to use it because I’ve been to plenty events were the guests took photos that no one ever saw. So because my family is full of camera loving individuals, I knew they’d enjoy the idea and it would also give us the opportunity to see our wedding from our guests point of view. I am glad we went with the idea because we ended up with close to 500 pictures on the app alone and some of the photos taken were not captured by the photographer (who was great by the way) because of course she’s only one person and can only be in one place at a time so the app really worked out great!

Photo by Angela of LA Budget Wedding Photographers


3) What kind of personal touches did you add to your wedding?

One of the personal touches I admire most was when my father and I walked a little more than half way down the aisle to stop and allow me to join arms with my mother (she had surgery on her ankle earlier in 2013) so that she could also give me away to my now husband. We also had my husbands sister read a poem by Maya Angelo during the ceremony before I walked out. Oh and our caterer was a personal touch because it was not the typical wedding menu. We both love elements of Mexican food so we had an awesome caterer that also had a food truck cater our wedding.

Photo by


4) If you could give one piece advice for future couples planning their wedding, what would that be?

My husband and I learned a lot during that process. It can be very stressful if you allow it. Try to eliminate stress at all cost. Remember that the goal is to become ONE so try not stress over the small things, listen to one another’s ideas, take a break from planning, make sure maintaining the relationship is the number one priority, and make it fun. The anticipation of knowing you are about about to marry your best friend is an amazing feeling. Don’t let unnecessary stress ruin that.

Photo by Danielle’s Mom using WedPics App

5) What traditions did you choose to use for your wedding and which ones did you go out of your way to leave out?

Some of the traditions we made sure were apart of our special day were the seating of the mothers, my husband not laying eyes on me until I walked down the aisle with my father (another tradition) and I wore a veil which I decided on 2 weeks before the wedding. Best decision ever. Traditions we left out were the “white dress” in which case I wore an ivory dress because I felt it looked better on my skin, the unity candle and the jumping of the broom. We didn’t feel it was necessary to do anything other than Get Married!

Congrats Danielle & Robert!  If you were recently married and would like to be featured on our blog, email us at!


By WedPics : The #1 Wedding App for your special day

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