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So you’ve created your WedPics account for your wedding…now what?  It’s time to start inviting guests to participate.  A WedPics account without guests is, well….not very useful.  Your guests are the ones taking these pictures and WedPics is the way to get them all into one, convenient location. Here are the tools we provide you to have a memorable and enjoyable WedPics Album:

1) Invite Via Email
– In both the app and your web album, you can invite your guests through your Email Contact list on your phone/computer and your Gmail/Yahoo contacts.  Once you’ve created your guest list, they will receive the following invitation and they will be added to your guest list!

Sample of WedPics Email Invitation

2)  Invite Via Text Message – From the app, when you opt to send an invite via text, you can select phone numbers from your phone’s contact list and your guest will receive a simple message saying what the app is, your Wedding ID as well as direct links to the App Store and Google Play.

3) Invite via Facebook – In both the app and your web album, go to “Invite Guests”  and you can pull all of your Facebook contacts and select the ones you want to invite to use WedPics!  They will be sent a PRIVATE message informing them how to join!


4) Add WedPics to your Wedding Website  - In the left hand navigation bar of your web album, just click “Edit Wedding Info” and then “Add WedPics to Site”.  And simply follow the instructions!


5) Order App Cards – Log into, go to the left navigation bar and click “Order App Cards”.  You have 14 colors to choose from with 4 different background patterns!  These cards are great to put in wedding invitations or set out during the wedding.  They give your guests all the information they need to use WedPics for your wedding!

6) Invite Poster – Want something larger to set out at your wedding?  Check out the free download in your web album!  Go to the left navigation bar and click “Order App Cards” and then “Print Your Own”.

7) Photo Scavenger Hunt – Weddings are supposed to be fun, right?  So why not have a little fun with the guests and give them certain photos to take!  Some Wedding Couples have even offered fun prizes for the person(s) who complete the entire Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Find it in the “Print Your Own” section mentioned above!

To have a fulfilling WedPics experience, guest participation is a must.  Utilize these tools and wait for your wedding photos to come streaming in!  If you have any other creative ways you’re getting your guests involved, please share in the comments below!

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The 6 Types of Bridesmaids

Post by Breanne Brosnan – Frill Clothing

1) The Planner

This chick is all about some details. She’s got the bridal shower planned to a T. She’s got hand sanitizer and bobby pins at the ready. Your little brother needs a tissue? Girl has got a monogrammed handkerchief for those boogies. Reliable and detailed, this one has got your back.

2) The Partier

Also has your back…as in, holding your hair…on Bachelorette night…over a toilet.  She knows how to make the group have a fab night including blinking crowns, limo rides, and body shots. This girl will be your right hand lady when it comes to a whiskey shot before the rehearsal dinner, and practically bonging red wine with your future mother-in-law so you don’t have to hear that you can’t cook 23524579 more times. She is the Goose to your Maverick.

3) The Go-With-The-Flow Bridesmaid

The accessory to every Bachelorette party crime. Always keeps her cool, thereby calming you down- especially as you begin to question if it’s all worth it after your great aunt insists that all pollen be removed from the property 15 minutes before you’re to walk down the aisle.  She’s the one that gives you the reassuring “wink” as you walk down the aisle…letting you know everything is going will be perfect!

Calm, cool & collected.

4) The Consummate Pain in the Ass

The dresses suck, they hate chocolate cake, Bachelorette parties should be at Disney World, and The Partier came to the rehearsal dinner drunk- how dare she? She may be a bit of a Debbie Downer, but you love her and on your big day she will be right there to assist The Planner, and sober up The Partier.

5) The Sister-in-Law

This one can go either way as to her level of joy and excitement during your wedding planning. But, as you are going to be seeing more of this chick on more frequent, stressful days (Yes, I am referring to you, Thanksgiving) this level of bonding is necessary. Believe me, nothing will strengthen a bond more than this mash-up of a family experience and you will come out with a stronger relationship as a result.

6) The Mom (aka “The Wildcard”)

She’s your bestie from college.  And also has three kids…one of those being her slack husband.  This can really go in 1 of 2 directions.  On Bachelorette weekend, she could spend the entire time boo-hooing, missing her family and spending 100% of her time FaceTiming her little devils.  OR not… and instead she spends 100% of her time facetiming bottomless fish bowls filled every liquor imaginable.  If it’s the latter, expect Bloody Mary’s at 6:00AM (complimented with Mickey Mouse pancakes), midmorning tequila shots, beers at noon and the aforementioned fishbowls the rest of the day/night.   The presence of “The Wildcard” quadruples the chances of someone spending a night in jail.  Planning accordingly (ie. bail money).


The bond with your bridesmaids is a very special one.  You have chosen these women to be in pictures that last forever, calm your anxiety, and stand with you as you marry your BFF for life.  Happy Wedding!

And Brides, if you haven’t learned it already, here are 13 Things You Will Eventually Discover!


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WedPics Wedding App New Feature: Gift Registries


We’re excited to announce our latest iOS update that now includes the addition of Gift Registries!  Having a single digital location for all of your wedding information is a must-have in 2014.  So now, not only is all of your wedding information like Events, Accommodations & Gift Registries available at your wedding page, it’s all available in the app too!

* We’re working around the clock to bring you the same feature for all Android devices!  Coming very soon!

To add your gift registry in the app, simple tap the drawer icon in the top left corner of WedPics app and then select “Edit Registries.”  Hit “Add Registry” and choose from the stores that are listed.  Don’t see a store where you are registered?  No problem, just select “Other”.

You will then be redirected to that store’s website where all you have to do is search your name and view your registry!  We’ll take it from there and all you have to do to finalize is tap “Add Registry” and Voilà…your registry has now been added to your WedPics account and easily viewable by your wedding guests!

Happy Wedding Planning!

By WedPics : The #1 Wedding App for your special day





13 Things You Will Eventually Realize While Planning Your Wedding

1) You will feel crazy. As in certifiable.  Are you actually going crazy? Probably. Will it still be the best day ever?


2) Eloping is going to start to sound REALLY appealing at some point.  Especially after your  10-year old cousin decides she MUST have a vegan meal even though you already placed the order with the catering company.  Grrr.

3) You WILL have that one bridesmaid:  “Meh, this dress,” “Meh, these colors,” “Meh, what do you mean we can’t sit around and watch Netflix for your Bachelorette party?!?”  This chick can shove it.  And I say that with the upmost love and affection.

 4) You are not going to get all of your invitations back.  Sorry, Charlie.  Super Grrrr.

5) You’ll find out your Pinterest board dreams are extremely expensive. Time to get out those DIY  pompoms and channel your inner-Martha-Stewart….sans the insider trading.  Although, insider stock tips are welcome in the comments below.

Photo Credit:

6) You remember that song that you swore would never, ever, EVER be played at your wedding? Well, tipsy Uncle Bob and his close friend Jack Daniels just tipped the DJ $300.  Oh yay…Electric Slide.

7) You want to meet Bridezilla?  Just call me “Bridezilla.”  I dare you.

Photo Credit:

8) Wait, what? Your bridesmaid Alicia just found out she is pregnant and will be eight months along at your wedding?  Oh yay.

9) Who-sits-next-to-who just became a bigger deal than it was in middle school.

Photo Credit:

10) Finding a mother-of-the-bride dress that does not look like it crawled out of a southern church in the early 1900s is very difficult…nearly impossible.

11) Furthermore, finding a dress for yourself that you love without your future mother-in-law scoffing at the amount of cleavage is also very difficult.

“I don’t see a problem here”
Photo Credit:

12) Holy moly…how am I going to collect all of my guests’ photos?  I don’t want them clogging up my email inbox with 200MB of pictures or tagging me on Facebook when I have mouth stuffed with wedding cake!  And of course my Aunt Esther will try to send me a CD-Rom in the mail.   And hashtags…no thanks…they’re not private.  I’m good on unwanted stalkers.  Ahhh WedPics App…there’s the ticket.  All my guests’ photos in one place…for all iPhones, Androids and digital cameras.  Sign up HERE:

13) Your wedding day will have ups-and-downs, be crazy, be glorious, and ultimately be perfect for you. The biggest day of your life is meant to be an experience, and you and your spouse are now in it together. Congratulations, lovers!

A fun collaboration with our friends at Frill Clothing


By WedPics : The #1 Wedding App for your special day


WedPics App Featured Wedding Couple: Courtney & Jake

Congrats to Courtney & Jake, recent newlyweds who have been kind enough to share their wedding journey with our blog!  Hear from them on planning their wedding, drawing inspiration and their one piece of advice to future newlyweds!

Photo by Rebecca Fougerousse of Red Fern Photography

Photo by Rebecca Fougerousse of Red Fern Photography

1) Was WedPics a part of your special day?

We signed up for Wedpics after going to the big southern bridal show in Raleigh.  I used it for my bachelorette party, my bridal shower, rehearsal, the wedding and our honeymoon. I think all the guests really liked it!

Photo by Rebecca Fougerousse of Red Fern Photography

Photo by Wedding Planner Julie Morrissey


2) If you could choose just one, what was your favorite moment from the wedding weekend?

This is a hard one because there are so many. We walked to the capital from our venue to take pictures and a city of Raleigh firetruck drove by and sounded the horns for us so that was pretty cool!

Photo by Rebecca Fougerousse of Red Fern Photography

Photo by Rebecca Fougerousse of Red Fern Photography

3) What kind of personal touches did you add to your wedding?

I did a lot of DIY things for my wedding and it was a real labor of love. My theme was kind of a woodsy fall wedding. I did all the paper goods for the wedding including the invitations printed on wood. My maid of honor and I made a photobooth wall for cocktail hour and we had a poloroid camera down there so people could take a real picture home with them. I also did a thumbprint tree guestbook, and created my own seating chart that I put in a homemade birch bark frame. All the flowers were done by my mom who is a florist, and my wedding planner Julie Morrissey and her husband (a landscaper) got me tree stumps to use on my aisle and for the tables. I think I glittered about 50 pickle jars and votive holders for candles and spray painted a ton of frames and decor gold to match my theme. My husband and I made jam for our favors, even picking our own strawberries for it. One of the coolest things we had was a midnight snack from Cookout delivered to our venue. Everyone loved it!

Photo by Rebecca Fougerousse of Red Fern Photography

Photo by Rebecca Fougerousse of Red Fern Photography

Photo by Rebecca Fougerousse of Red Fern Photography

4) If you could give one piece advice for future couples planning their wedding, what would that be?

If I could give one piece of advice it’s that it’s okay to ask for help. I thought since I was such a DIY bride it wouldn’t be okay to ask for help from bridesmaids or family and that it was my day so I had to do it all. Once I figured out that it was okay to let some jobs go and ask for help it made me a lot more relaxed and it was fun to work on projects with other people. My wedding coordinator was also key in making sure I wasn’t doing everything on my wedding. After the day started I couldn’t even imagine how stressful it would have been to do all of it alone.

Photo by Rebecca Fougerousse of Red Fern Photography

Photo by Rebecca Fougerousse of Red Fern Photography

Congrats Courtney & Jake !  If you were recently married and would like to be featured on our blog, email us at!

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Personalized Wedding Gifts For Your Groomsmen

Your groomsmen have been by your side through thick and thin, and now they’ll be standing by your side on one of the most important days of your life.  Say “Thank You” for being a brother, for being friend with these personalized groomsmen gifts.

All gifts can be found HERE!

Personalized Wingman’s Flask

 These handsome, satin-finished flasks are a perfect gift for your groomsmen!

Personalized Beer Belt

Make your bachelor party or guys’ night even more entertaining with this personalized beer belt!

Personalized Growler Set

 This personalized growler set is great for entertaining and makes a great gift for any beer connoisseur.

Engraved Stainless Steel Army Knife

 Equip your groomsmen with the tool to be a modern-day MacGyver.

Personalized Credit Card Bottle Opener

Give your groomsmen a credit card with NO LIMIT with this clever bottle opener.

Personalized Ferdinand Mug

Say “cheers” to these stylish Ferdinand mugs for groomsmen who enjoy a good beer.

Personalized Cherry Wood HumidorThis makes a great gift for your cigar-aficionado groomsmen! Personalized Cuff Links

A popular gift choice that you can have your groomsmen wear the day of the wedding!

Personalized, Silver Engraved Pocket Watch

Yeah, everyone has a smart phone to tell time, but do they have a pocket watch!?

Personalized Magnetic Money Clip

Now your groomsmen can carry their cash & cards in style!

Grooms, for inexpensive upgrades to transform your wedding attire, check out out some great ideas HERE!

Monogram Your Wedding!

Want to add some personal touches to your wedding?  Check out these different ways to monogram your wedding!

Burlap Aisle Runner with Monogram

This gorgeous aisle runner is the perfect way to walk down the aisle toward a bright and happy future!

Circle Monogram Wedding Banner

 Announce the coming of the bride in a chic and stylish way when you incorporate this personalized wedding banner into your processional.

Personalized Mason Jar Assortment

 These personalized mason jars are perfect for adding a custom touch to everything from centerpieces to favor tables and beyond.

Personalized Burlap Table Runner

For an elegant yet natural look, this personalized burlap table runner is just the ticket.  Check out the matching personalized burlap silverware holders and wine bag below.

Personalized Burlap Wine Bag

Cover a wine bottle in style and accent the tables with this personalized burlap wine bag.  Looks great with the matching table runner and silverware holders!

Personalized Burlap Silverware Holders

 These personalized burlap silverware holders add just the right amount of sentiment to your already warm and inviting reception tables.  Looks great with the matching table runner and wine bag!

Acrylic Monogram Cake Topper

This acrylic monogram cake topper sits beautifully on top of any wedding cake!

Monogrammed Toasting Flutes

These classically styled glasses are ideal for your wedding toast!

Classic Monogram Signature Frame

This classic monogram signature frame will never gather dust on a shelf like typical guest books—display it in your home for years to come.

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